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Book Review: Two Can Keep a Secret

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M McManus

Two Can Keep a Secret

Review of Two can Keep a Secret by Karen M McManus

Karen M McManus

Now that was a fun read...


This was the perfect blend of mystery and YA contemporary for the reader who does not like to be scared. Sure there are moments of great suspense, but more moments of searching out clues, and seeing friendships develop.

I appreciate that this is a character dependent story because too often I pick up "mysteries" they are so focused on the plot that the characters are the same old stereotype characters that could fit into any game of Clue.

So I tend to avoid the genre altogether.

Plus, I want to be unsure of who actually did it... yet once the big reveal comes I want that moment of "oh, of course, it was so-and-so". This book fit that exactly.


Ellery is my kind of MC - she is a bit unsure about everything in the world since she's a teenager, but she is confident enough to keep questioning and searching for answers. She has friends, she has people she doesn't like, and she wants to be in a family where she is wanted. So the fact that she is the narrator for 50% of the book made me happy - she felt real.

Then there is Malcolm, the narrator for the other half of the book. I'll be honest I was sure one of these two was going to be the "killer" when I started the book... I mean why have two narrators for a mystery if one isn't the guilty party??? Yep I know some of you agree with me here... Anyway - he was a fun addition to the vibe of the story because he helps with the local background which blends nicely with Ellery's desire to question everything. Add on the fact that he somehow is the average next-door-neighbor kind of guy with a messed up family history and will I'm in for his character arc.

And then, as any good mystery is, there is a giant cast of support characters... and yet many of them are complex and move in and out of the spotlight as the story adds layer upon layer upon layer into this quick read.

I won't give a bunch away, but if you're at all into solving mysteries this is a book for you.

Granted, I'm not sure this convinced me to pick up her other story/books because it's still not my go-to genre, but I am glad I read this one. Because seriously... that ending...


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Reading List Rating

Story rating: 


Technical aspects:

I had no real issues with this writing, and the audio was very well down. 

Overall rating:

4/5 This was just plain fun, but I don't feel the need to own it, as I won't read it again - I mean I know how it ends. 

My Suggested Audience

This is most certainly for fans of contemporary style writing, YA readers, and fans of crime-solving mystery stories.  It has a bit of a love story, and some family-focused dynamics which are all nice for the YA genre, and to be expected in the contemporary styles.  I believe it can be read by any teenager interested in the murder mystery type story, but it is more graphic than say a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mystery. 

Trigger Warning:

There is violence, abusive family members, for sure be aware for those who would be sensitive to abduction scenarios and cruelty.  All events follow the idea of the genre, nothing is over the top extreme. 

Final Thoughts

I listened to this one on Audio because audiobooks are time-savers. And it was very well done. I recommend it as an audio.  With Halloween coming up soon, this type of story will be great fun to listen to or to read by those who want a bit of a scare, but not too much.  I mean did I mention there is a whole haunted house thing going for it?

Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M McManus

Have you read any of McManus's books? Are you a fan?  Do you enjoy mysteries? What do you recommend? 

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