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The ABC Bookstagram Challenge

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Read and Gush September Bookstagram Challenge

There are so many different Social Media Platforms around, it can be overwhelming.  And then throw in all the "games" that are played on them... well I totally understand why trying to build your own platform on one is too much to even attempt.

But Book Bloggers looking to expand into Bookstagram (a subgroup of Instagram) have no fear, we are here to help you.

For those of you who already are on Instagram, and want to reach the users of #bookstagram or #currentlyreading this is your place too.

And of course, there are those of you who have been on this journey with us for the last couple of years and love the community we have...

So what are we?

We are a monthly photo challenge to help you stay motivated and consistent on Instagram.  We provide daily prompts to guide your photos and your captions so you never get bored or stagnant in your posts.

We are a community of book lovers who simply want to find our tribe. The place where other book lovers can get together and gush over all things books any time of the day.

Before the month starts...

Share the challenge image in your stories, with the hashtag, maybe even tag all the co-hosts so we can shower some love on you.

We have an official Instagram page, so you can see everyone's interpretations of the prompts and engage with each other.  This is the best way to see your numbers grow on Instagram.  Follow along here: Read & Gush 

Or even, follow the co-hosts!

Marissa: marissa_writes
Natelle: Tall_Telle_Tells_Tales
Kylie: kylielovesbooks
Irene: Justicereads

Then be sure to follow the monthly hashtag so you know which bookstagrammers to engage with. This month we will be using #readgushSep19  But you can always follow #readandgush for updates in general.

And if you have any questions leave them here, or jump over to my Instagram and ask me there.

September's Book Photo Challenge


1. TBR- Share the top two books you want to read in September (or as many as you want... it's alright if you stray from this list though!)
2. What’s in your backpack? - If you were going to spend the day away from your home, what would you fill your backpack with? Or if you're a student, let us see that backpack you're taking with you!
3. A- ARC - share any form of an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) or tell us which book you would love to have an ARC for.
4. B- Bookmarks- Let us know those bookmarks you love! And if it's a bookish Etsy or online shop, be sure to tag them!
5. C- Candles - Let's so those candles you love with your books today... again don't forget to tag those shops!
6. D- Dystopian- Do you have any favorite Dystopian books you recommend?
7. E-Extra Copies - You know you're a true book nerd when you have multiple copies of the same book... show of that nerdiness with us today!
8. F- Favorite Genre- Yep, this is your chance, tell us what genre you always adore!
9. G- Graphic Novels- also known as comic books... we want to see those beauties.
10. H- Hearts - Show off books with heart in the title, or on the cover (the image), or a book you heart, or make a bookish heart shape...
11. I- Intense Scene- What book had such an intense scene you will always remember it? (can be violent, or emotional, or visual...)
12. J- Jewelry - Do you have any bookish jewelry? Or what fandom do you wish you had some for?
13. K- Kisses- Is there a kiss scene you think is epic? Or a cover with a couple kissing??
14. L- Love - It's the day to share those books or authors you love!
15. M- Maps - We all love it when books come with a map! Show yours off today.

16. N- New Release - What was the last new release book you bought? Or are you waiting for one to be released?
17. O- OTP - Also known as One True Pairing - which book has a couple that is truly goals?
18. P- Pins - Enamel pins are growing in popularity - can you show us any?
19. Q- Quick Reads - Heres a chance to show off those novellas or books you read in one sitting. 
20. R- Rainbow - It's always fun to see Bookish Rainbows!
21. S- Sci-Fi - Any science fiction books you love... or hate... or wish you had already read...
22. T- Tropes - You can share tropes you love or tropes you hate... we'll take them either way!
23. U- Underwhelmed - It never fails that we pick up a book that we find underwhelming... share one that fell short for you - no worries we won't judge... too harshly...
24. V- Villains - Every good book needs a villain... 
25. W- Wishlist - Let us know which books you are adding to your wishlist
26. X- “X-ed” characters - Share those stories that X-ed (killed) off characters... yes we know there might be spoilers - be careful with your captions!
27. Y- YA- Young Adult books of all genres... show them off today!
28. Z- Zen book nook - Let us see your book nook... or the extras that make for the perfect reading environment for you. 
29. Haul- Let's see those new books and bookish items you collected this month - don't forget to tag shops and buddies!
30. Wrap Up - Well how did the reading go for you this month? Show off the books you read, and rate them for us!

Are you new to Instagram? And the challenge?  Make sure you leave a comment below so I can search you out!  I love to spread the love for my fellow bookstagrammers!

Do you love Instagram photo challenges? Are you a book fanatic?  Leave me a note, I'd love to chat with you.

Marissa Writes

Read and Gush September Bookstagram Challenge

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