Summer Reads: Getting a Handle on That TBR - Reading List

Summer Reads: Getting a Handle on That TBR

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Summer Reads - Top Ten Tuesday on Reading List

Ah, summertime...

The days of sunshine, heat, and sitting around...

And of course books!

I dream of sitting next to a pool and reading... but as a mom, sitting by the pool doesn't include that much reading... granted I always take books with me.  And that is why I honestly love all the new book sleeves that are popping up everywhere to keep books safe when you throw them into your bag- don't know what I'm talking about check out my favorite- and if you order from her, mention I sent you!

Summer Reads - Top Ten Tuesday on Reading List

Anyway,  my summer is already full of adventure, and I have knocked off two books I wanted to read, so I figured I'd make a brand new summer reading list for this week's Top Ten Tuesday on That Artsy Reader Girl - Granted I'm horrible with sticking with my lists for seasonal reads, as you can tell from previous seasons not to mention my TBR challenge... but still it's a starting point!

10 Reads for Summer

  1. Love & Gelato - and then Love & Luck- by Jenna Evans Walsh - mostly because this cover screams summer, because what is summer without ice cream??  
  2. An Ember in the Ashes - and then book 2 & 3, hopefully- by Sabaa Tahir - Alright, I technically already read this first book, but one of my favorite book buddies wants to group read it, so I'm rereading - which is great because now I'll probably fly through the entire series. 
  3. Summer Days and Summer Nights - This is a collection of short stories, so I see this being a great book to have at all those mom adventures where long periods of reading simply don't happen during the summer... plus it's a bright yellow sunshine color which I love. 

  4. Siren's Song by Mary Weber - mostly because I want to finally finish up this series that has been gracing my shelves for a very long time, not to mention it will fulfill a book on my TBR challenge list...
  5. Anne of Green Gables & Anne of Avonlea by LM Montgomery - at least these two since they are the summer reading books I'm hosting on Instagram - if you're an Anne- fan, you should join us!  We are giving away prizes every two weeks all summer!

    Summer Reads - Top Ten Tuesday on Reading List
  6. Illusion by Martina Boone - another one that is on my TBR challenge list, and will knock off an entire series that graces my shelves and mocks me
  7. Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett - mostly because I love the cover, it feels summery... and I tend to enjoy contemporaries more in the summer...
  8. Jackaby by William Ritter - So this was a recommendation to me by a lovely Bookstagram buddy, and I've been in a steampunk mood so why not?
  9. True to You & Falling for You by Becky Wade  - Another sweet love story series I believe... nice a clean and light... exactly what I need in the summer.       

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  10. Imber by Tyffany Hackett - alright technically I already read this, as I was on her review group, but now that I have the physical print copy I want to read it officially, and soak it in... granted it's a serious fantasy, which tends to be heavy for me in the summer, but still I want to read it!

If you are interested in checking out the details of any of these stories, click on the title and see their summary and reviews on Goodreads. 

I'll admit, I didn't think I was a seasonal reader, but in the last two years of posting and chatting with everyone on Bookstagram every day, I've come to realize I totally am.

I tend to enjoy the lighter contemporaries during the summer because they are quick and easy.  I'll get more into the long series and fantasy books come colder months when snuggling with a blanket for hours is more acceptable.

What about you?  Are you a seasonal reader?

Summer Reads - Top Ten Tuesday on Reading List

I'd love to know about what you are reading this summer... do you even make a summer reading list?  

***If you are interested in purchasing any of these books, please consider clicking on the Amazon image, or the Book Outlet image in the sidebar and support Reading List in the process, as they are affiliate links.  That means that while it won't cost you anymore, the store websites will know you jumped over from her and give me a tiny commission, which means I'll love you forever!

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  1. Summer Days and Summer Nights was such a good read! I especially loved the story by Jennifer E. Smith. Here's my TTT:

    1. Oh I so glad to hear it was good! I can't wait to get to it!

  2. I've had Summer Days and Summer Nights for awhile now so I definitely need to dive into that. I also need to read Jackaby - another book I own. I'm hoping to read as many books from my own shelves that I can this summer! Some have been on there for years! It's crazy. haha


    1. I so hear you, I've been trying to read my shelf this year, and it's been nice... of course I want to buy so many new books... the struggle

  3. I am not a seasonal reader! I'm not really keen on fluffy contemporaries anyway, so I definitely don't read them more often in the summer. I guess I trend towards larger books in the summer but that's more a matter of necessity (since I'm not at Uni and have more time) than that I particularly feel those kinds of books at this time of year.
    My TTT:

    1. That's totally fair - i used to be the same way, especially during school, breaks in school meant more time to dig into those long books and series.

  4. They didn't make my top 10 this week but I am really hoping to get to Love & Gelato and An Ember in the Ashes this summer.

    1. Yeah, It is so hard to only pick 10... or 15 or whatever... some weeks


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