All the Colors for Read & Gush May - Reading List

All the Colors for Read & Gush May

Friday, April 20, 2018

Instagram photo challenge - Read Gush May on Reading List

Well... April is wrapping up soon... and that means it's time for a new month of photos over on bookstagram!

Anyone else excited??

We decided to do another super easy month... on top of a few great new books that will be released in May, we are focusing on colors!  It will be so fun to pull out books that often get ignored and show of their colors!

I hope you will join in... just follow me on Instagram and check it out! And please follow my lovely co-hosts - they are super sweet, you will love them, I promise!

Natelle: Tall_Telle_Tells_Tales
Alice: Alice_in_her_bookland
Kylie: kylielovesbooks

Instagram photo challenge - Read Gush May on Reading List

Oh and because we are going to be gushing over all these goodies, how about a giveaway?  Check out the details on our Instagram posts to find out more... but you could win a few of our favorite goodies by taking part in this challenge!

May Book Photo Challenge



1. TBR - What are the top two books you plan on reading in May?
2. A Court of Frost and Starlight - You probably have your copy by now... hopefully?  Show it off - or your favorite SJM book... or any fantasy book you love!
3. Favorite Book Color
4. May the Fourth be with You - Star Wars day!
5. Black Books
6. Red Books
7. Orange Books
8. Love & Luck book release - Or show of Love & Gelato... or any Contemporary book!
9. Yellow Books
10. Green Books
11. Blue Books
12. Purple Books
13. Happy Mother's day - Pink Books
14.  Bookish Rainbow
15. War Storm book release - Or any book from the Red Queen saga... or any epic dystopians
16. Purple & Gold Books
17. Orange & Yellow Books
18. Blue & Grey Books
19. Gold Books
20. Hogwarts House Color Books
21. Red Ombre
22. Green Ombre
23. #booksnotbullies - Blue Ombre
24. Black & White Books
25. Red & Black Books
26. Silver Books
27. Rainbow #ShelfieSunday
28. Memorial Day - Colors of your National Flag
29. Legendary book release - Or Caraval... or any magical book!
30. Neutral Book Colors
31. Wrap Up

What do we need to gush over in June?? Share your ideas in the comments!

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Instagram photo challenge - Read Gush May on Reading List

Do you love Instagram photo challenges? Are you a book fanatic?  Leave me a note, I'd love to chat with you.

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