10 Amazing Small Businesses for Book Lovers - Reading List

10 Amazing Small Businesses for Book Lovers

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Top Ten Bookish Shops for Book Lovers - Top Ten Tuesday on Reading List

Who else loves shopping online?

I'm a huge fan.

Really once I started staying home with my kids I learned the joy of not having to leave my house to shop... and then once I started spending a lot of time on Instagram for the blog and such, I realized there are so many amazing bookish minded craft people making fun goodies for all the book lovers of the world... and there is where all my extra money seems to vanish...

I might have a small - or rather big- problem with buying candles, and somehow I am not alone because there are new bookish candle shops popping up daily over on bookstagram... through etsy, redbubble, society 6, and independent sellers.  Not to mentions a ton more amazing goodies.

Top Ten Bookish Shops for Book Lovers - Top Ten Tuesday on Reading List

Since today's Top Ten is a freebie, I figured I'd share some of my current favorite bookish shops.  I have many, so these are only my current top 10... I love many many more!

10 Bookish Shops for Book Loves Who Want to Support Other Book Lovers

  1. The Blu Bear Bazaar - This super fun store has bookmarks, mugs, stationery, and a bookish bag!  The bookish bag is my favorite because each month there is a new theme, and book, and you get a bunch of goodies and then, you are part of the month's reading club where you chat with the others reading the book on Instagram and you can win prizes during the reading club weekends. 
  2.  The Bookish Flame - If you can't guess by the name, this is a candle shop!  And Jen makes amazing and fun candles, but mostly she is super quick about shipping you don't have to wait forever to get your hands on your new beauties... I hear rumors she might be opening her own website soon... so that's exciting too. 
  3. Books are Key - Alright, fair warning, this is my shop!  I love to bookmarks, but I'm always drawn to bulky ones that end up hurting the spines of my books, so I started making book "thongs" that don't damage the spines and end up making the books look all fancy. So if you ever want to support the site, jump over and check out what I've got!
  4. Flick the Wick - Another fun candle company, and they make these amazing subscription boxes with exclusive candle scents based on different themes... let me just say, this is one of those slam-dunk options if you are looking to gift a friend who loves books!
  5. TJ Lubrano - one of the most amazing parts of the book-loving community of the internet is the amazing artists who bring to life characters from books, and scenes from stories... it's so fun.  One of my personal favorites is TJ because her art is full of whimsy, which makes me happy! 

    Top Ten Bookish Shops for Book Lovers - Top Ten Tuesday on Reading List

  6. Bookish Star Designs - This store is full of fun little goodies that the amazing Laura sews herself! My personal favorites are her eye rice masks, which I keep in my freezer to relax my eyes after a major reading session, or when allergies act up... But she makes adorable mug rugs too... to keep your perfect cup nearby while reading your favorite book!
  7. Pages Remembered - Page Keepers might be a new concept for you, but they are essential! How often do you take a book with you to the car, or wherever and then the cover gets bent, or the something spills on it... well these amazing little sleeves are made specifically for your books to keep them safe!  They are must for those of us who know it's essential to always take a book with us!
  8. Nerdy Post- An extra hobby I love, and that many bookish people enjoy is hand-lettering... probably because we have an obsession with quotes and making them look pretty is just fun.  So Nerdy Post is another fanart business that focuses on those hand-lettered quotes, and they send out monthly boxes of amazing bookish goodies at a very reasonable price!  I have loved every single box they have created. 
  9. Book Outlet- alright so this is a bit of a stretch... but... books can be pricey, and let's admit it, we do not all have enough money to pay full price for every book... and when those books don't sell the first time around they end up at outlet prices, and this is where you can snag them!  I have ordered giant boxes of goodies from Book Outlet... it's like Christmas any time!
  10. Storiarts - And last but not least, is Storiarts.... this is an amazing company that makes fun totes, fingerless gloves, baby blankets, and more from fabric that features famous scenes of popular and classic literature.  It's so fun to create a giant wishlist from their goodies. 

I buy from many more great stores, and I know you all have favorites... so if you want, leave your top stores in a comment below I know we would all love to see new great businesses!

Top Ten Bookish Shops for Book Lovers - Top Ten Tuesday on Reading List

What is your favorite bookish item to buy?  

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