Sharing the Bookstagram Love for Etsy for Read & Gush - Reading List

Sharing the Bookstagram Love for Etsy for Read & Gush

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Read & Gush - April Photo Challenge for Bookstagram

Who loves to find unique and special goodies?

If you said yes, then I'm guessing you are a fan of Etsy!  Right? Have you checked out Society6 or Redbubble then? Anyway...

This month my co-hosts came up with an excellent idea of sharing all the fun goodies us bookstagrammers get to show off in our pictures... and to draw some attention to a few of our favorite etsy stores.  We are hoping you all will share your favorites and we can spread the love and support to some new stores!

These prompts are simple and should be fairly easy to add in to any other challenges you want to join.  Just remember to tag those etsy shops so we can all check out the goodies!

I hope you will join in... just follow me on Instagram and check it out! And please follow my lovely co-hosts - they are super sweet, you will love them, I promise!

Natelle: Tall_Telle_Tells_Tales
Alice: Alice_in_her_bookland
Kylie: kylielovesbooks

Read & Gush - April Photo Challenge for Bookstagram

Oh and because we are going to be gushing over all these goodies, how about a giveaway?  Check out the details on our Instagram posts to find out more... but you could win a few of our favorite goodies by taking part in this challenge!

April Book Photo Challenge



1. TBR - Let us know what your reading goal is this month - maybe your top two reads...
2. Stickers - Show off some bookish or fun stickers you got because of bookstagram... or anything...
3. Candles - Let's see those bookish candles!
4. Pins - these little pins often get ignored, so let them shine today!
5. Bookmarks - We know you love them...
6. Funko - It's Friday, and #funkofriday is a big deal...
7. New Shop You Love 
8. #SockSunday
9. Art Print (big) - Show off one of those bigger bookish prints
10. Journals 
11. Tattoos - Permanent or Temporary! 
12. Unique Bookish Goodie - Do you have a one of a kind? We'd love to see it!
13. Flowers - so you probably didn't get these from Etsy, but we still love flowers in our pictures!
14. First shop you purchased from... Can you remember? 
15. Harry Potter Merch - show it all off!  
16. Can't remember where you got it...
17. Fantasy Books Merch
18. Blue bookish goodies - #booksnotbullies
19. Mug - Coffee or Tea... show it off today!
20. Sarah J Maas Merch - We know she is popular so here's your chance to fangirl!
21. Tote Bags
22. Spread the Love - Give a Shout Out to a few bookstagrammers who own an etsy store...
23. Shop you'd buy from again
24. Classics Merch - Here's a chance to give some love to those classics
25. Shadowhunters Merch - Another super popular series... do you have any merch?
26. Art Prints (small) - Show off a smaller print you have, or bookish quote
27. DIY props & Coloring Pages - Let's see your lovely creative side!
28. Rainbow Merch & Books for #StackSaturday
29. All time favorite bookish merch
30. Wrap up - Let us know which books you read this month and how much you loved them (or hated them...)

What do we need to gush over in May?? Share your ideas in the comments!

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Do you love Instagram photo challenges? Are you a book fanatic?  Leave me a note, I'd love to chat with you.

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