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My toolbox to build my dream

Monday, December 16, 2013

Do you remember a time in your life when you heard that you could do anything you dreamed of?  Were you lucky enough to have an adult that encouraged you to dream, and then that person helped to picture the steps to take to attain that dream?

I was greatly blessed by many adults that helped me to dream and set goals while I was a teenager.  And that led me to dream up some major lofty dreams.  Of course my life has evolved slightly since then, and my dreams have also started to change.

I have the great honor of writing over at Simply Helping Him today, and would love for you to hop over and hear about my current dream, and the specific tools I'm learning to use in order to build my dream.

Of course, after you read about my dream, I'd love to hear about yours!  So either leave a note here with your current dreams or over there.

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