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Monday, August 05, 2013

There are limitless expectations put upon us every single day.

Simple expectations that aren't horrible to fulfill can seem overwhelming when just one extra expectation is added to lists.

Live like this for years at end and it won't take long to start to feel unfulfilled with your life, right?

I don't know if I would have ever said my life felt unfulfilled, I have always been able to hold on to a hope that something great would happen just around the bend for me.  And in the mean time I try to focus on what my life needs right now - with two energetic boys that tends to take most of my thoughts...

However, as I read Misty's new ebook, I started to realize that there have been many dreams and hopes that I have shelved or completely let go of as my life as rolled on. Luckily for me, I could move straight into accepting those dreams as simply that, dreams. But I know that not everyone can do that, as dashed dreams are battered by real life and all hope seems to fade.

Misty has put together some wonderful thoughts together as she evaluated her life in her small ebook, Unfulfilled. Unfulfilled offers a glimpse into a girl's story of letting go of an earthly expectation and replacing it with an eternal perspective. She even lays out the practical steps she took of letting go of such expectations that other humans simply cannot fulfill.

If you have realized that your dreams have been dashed by life, or that you are full of expectation that you are waiting for another person to fulfill, I would recommend grabbing Misty's book.  Even if, like me, you feel somewhat secure in your hopes, this book might open your eyes to where your expectations lie and how you might need to reevaluate.  Either way, this is a super quick read - possibly only one cup of coffee would give you the time to read this...

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Here are some links in case you are interested in more on Unfulfilled or Misty's stories.
Unfulfilled - buy it
Misty's blog - stop by and say hi!

Want to read Misty's new ebook?  Well enter this giveaway and you can for free!  The email you are asked to enter is simply so I can contact you if you win - I don't keep it otherwise...

One side note, especially after some recent posts and comments, I always enjoy reading writers new books, even their first books. I know that to write anything and put it out for others to read, and judge, takes effort and courage. If you are writing something, don't feel discouraged if you self-publish it. It is an amazing step. You should be excited.  Just know, and many great writers would agree, that you must start somewhere, with the goal of always growing, getting better and setting higher standards. Don't take criticisms too seriously, see what part of a critic you can use to improve your next endeavor. 

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