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Five Minute Friday: Cherish

Friday, January 18, 2013

Here's to five minutes of just writing. Thanks Lisa-Jo for the prompt. And the excuse to just respond, for five minutes.

Five Minute Friday


Those couple of moments in the day when I can sit and actually realize my heart is beating - that is when I can realize I am cherished.

My days are so full of running and noise.

An almost four-year old that has more energy that could possibly be healthy for only 35 pounds of flesh and blood.  A toddler who desperately wants to keep up with his brother, but is always a step behind.  And their conversations fill the air. So when I have to add to the noise, my voice is louder still.

The energy has to increase my heart rate - I mean intellectually I know it does but I never notice in the moment.

In those couple of moments when I'm rushing to do the chores that must get done, or making food for a family member I cherish, I can realize my heart is beating.

And in those moments I realize I need to refocus in order to cherish the One who created that heart beat. To realize that all the crazy running and loud-voice-talking I have been doing is all because there is One who cherishes me every single second of every single day. Even when I'm too busy with this crazy life to think about it.

Maybe as those precious moments of silence and stillness grow, the time I can focus my energy on the One who cherishes me, I'll learn to ground myself. I'll learn to relax. I'll learn that my loud-mommy-voice isn't necessary. I'll learn to be and enjoy.  To have JOY - what a blessing - now in those moments I want to capture that JOY, bottle it, and all it to slowly pour over me in the moments that are not quiet and calm, because in those in between moments, that is when the fact that I am cherished by the ONE counts.

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