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Five Minute Friday: Dive

Friday, January 11, 2013

Wow, it's been a long time since I've made the time for a FMF post!  And I've missed it.  The freedom to just allow words to flow and not worry that those reading will judge.  Thank you LisaJo for hosting such a fun exercise!

Wanna join?
Five Minute Friday


Now there's something I have signed up for: diving.


Allowing water to cover me completely just is not on my list of things to do. In fact it is on my list of things to avoid at all costs.

No swimming... so most certainly no diving! Why you ask? Well that just won't fit into a five minute post!

But maybe that fear, the fear of water engulfing me and not then keeping me from oxygen is part of the obstacles that have kept me from being able to feel that 100% connection to my True Life Giver.

What if I could dive into His Life Giving Waters without fear of where my next breath would come from?

What if I could leave the fear behind on the diving board and freely jump into His arms. Trusting and knowing that all, ALL, of my needs would be provided.

Heart in ocean
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It's easy to say it.

And yet here I stand, staring into the waters... wishing I just had some more trusting faith.

For now I'll focus on allowing Him to create a new heart in me, one that will not fear the jump, or rather, the dive.

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