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The Phenomenon of Mommy Brain

Monday, January 21, 2013

After spending at least ten minutes getting my boys dressed to walk the twenty-five steps from the back door to the car door in the bitter cold, and buckling them into those life-saving car seats, and running back inside to grab the super large tote that holds diapers, wipes, extra snacks, juice and those backup emergency clothes, I automatically closed the back door behind me. You know the move right? One arms pushing open the screen door, as your other hand holds on to the handle of the house door and the momentum of your super mommy speed closes the door as you propel yourself forward.

And then not even a second after that door closed, I realized I had left my purse, coffee mug and KEYS on the counter...
Have you been there? In that moment of frustration when you are mad at yourself for getting two steps ahead mentally while your body is playing catch up? 

I seem to be guilty of this more and more as a mommy. 

I'm trying to be efficient with my time and energy, but the result is that some of the details fall through the cracks. And, yes, keys fall into details - you see my kids are safe and so is their stuff...

I forget to respond to that email, even though I know my friend is waiting for an answer and her time is also precious.

I forget to mail the thank you cards from Christmas, even though they are written and sitting on my desk. 

Before kids, I wasn't like that - in fact I mailed the thank yous for my baby shower while in the hospital (as my son came early, just four days after the shower!). I was focused and efficient - my body kept up with my brain.

But now I've been known to fall victim to mommy brain (similar to pregnancy brain). My brain is just so focused on my kids and what they need that so many other things get pushed back to the recesses of my brain, and my memory doesn't pull them back quickly. Sound familiar? I thought you might be nodding by this point.

I came across this old article the other day, and laughed at the "research" because it was humorous to me that there needed to be research done on this!  Just about every mommy I talk to, no matter where she is on her walk as a mommy, is now forgetful in some capacity - names, key placement, details...  you name it!

I guess I can take comfort in knowing this is one of those ties that bind us mommies together, whether we stay at home with our kiddos all day, work outside the home, home school  or spend hours a week as a room mom, we all have shifted a part of our focus, a serious part, to our kids. As a result, some of the other details have been pushed aside. 

So sure, we might forget to call you back, even though you said it was important in your message because just as we picked up the phone to dial, Thing Two filled up his diaper with the world's worst smelling mess ever, and then Thing One threw a tantrum over the fact that his race car got stuck under the refrigerator.  We are truly sorry that your important call slipped our mind after all that.  Your time is important, and we do honor that - so please forgive this mommy brain condition, and I promise to forgive you when your mommy brain acts up. Because seriously, we mommies have to stick together. We know our kiddos have become the apple of our eye, and everything else isn't quite a shiny anymore. 

Next time you are running out the door at those break-neck speeds in order to make it so-and-so's practice, try real hard to stop for one nanosecond and allow your body to catch up to your brain. Or just be prepared to give that lame-o excuse of mommy brain as you knock on the neighbor's door to see if they can help you break into your own house.

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