New Hobby: Photo 101 - Reading List

New Hobby: Photo 101

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Have you ever found yourself in a season of your life when there was no time for one more thing and then a new dream caught a hold of you? I am finding myself in this exact situation. As a mama to two crazy busy little boys I feel like I spend many of my days just running behind them trying to keep the house from collapsing. And in the middle of this phase of life I found a new interest that I never once thought about - photography.

I know, this is a huge hobby for bloggers, so many of you are probably saying to yourselves, of course you like photography!  But for me, this form of art (any kind of abstract art besides writing) never clicked with me. So I just left it all behind, figuring it was for other people.

Then I took a great intro class on photography - taught by a great friend of mine - and something just clicked (and not the camera).

Since then I've found myself using every spare moment reading about photography and fiddling with my newest toy (a very expensive toy...).

With all this in mind I'd like to share with you my new favorite book for this endeavor!

Photo 101 {the book}
By Nicole Hill Gerulat  

Photo Credit

This is a great book to read if you find yourself wanting to know about how to use your camera, but not wanting to pay for a class yet.

I'd say its a couple of steps past the information in your manual - Gerulat does a great job of laying out the basics of taking a picture, using your camera to give you the best pictures, using light, even some poses and such. Gerulat goes over how to utilize your digital camera fully by using Manual mode - granted I'm not there yet, but this book has given a little more confidence in moving in that direction.

I found this book so great because it is written in a more conversational manner than many beginner photography books and was a quick read (did I mention I'm crazy busy with life and don't really have time for this new hobby?).

Interested in more from Nicole?  Here's her blog - Nicole Hill's blog - a link to online classes

If you know someone who has just started into the world of photography, this could be a great tool - maybe you too are like me and taking this step into the world of art. If so I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. First of all, I love your ratings picture...that totally rocks and did you know how I felt?? LOL

    I'm the same way...I want to capture those moments, really capture the moments before the kids get to big and do more than just auto.

    I have to check out the book and see if the library has it or flag this as a, hey this would make a great Christmas gift, lol.

    1. This is why I enjoy blogging - finding others who are in the same boat as me, especially when it's something new! There is something about wanting to hold on to the fun memories of childhood right?

      And yes this would be a great Christmas present!

      Oh and thanks for the compliment about my ratings pic

  2. I'd love to do a photography course. I bought a DSLR type camera recently, but it's still a point and click. I'd love to get a proper one and do some reading up on how to use all the features. You know, when I find time !!!


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