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Five Minute Friday: Voice

Friday, October 26, 2012

Somehow I found the time to write for five minutes today - I've missed it recently.

It's funny that I would feel that way, I mean I write posts all week (I keep up a family blog that has been getting more attention this one with the fun Autumn activities going on). Still this little activity is great each week because I can just let it go and write whatever pops into my head, as a  mommy, that freedom just doesn't really exist!

So thanks Lisa-Jo for host again!  And for anyone reading who feels like there are feelings and thoughts you have to keep under wraps because you just can't talk about it with your little ones, try this quick activity.

Five Minute Friday


There was a time when I didn't ever realize my voice sounded so different.

I would hear a confident voice in my head, the voice of someone who has experienced life and is ready for the next step.

Then I hear my actual voice, and it's the voice of a thirteen-year-old girl, high-pitched. Not a voice you would create a mom of two with...

That voice has resulted in horrible phone calls where people think I'm a child and ask to speak to my mom - they don't believe me when I say I am the mom and am the one paying the bills, etc, etc... Needless to say it's depressing.

Still I struggle with this paradox of what I hear and what others hear.

If only I could make them hear what I hear, but that is not the case. I will just have to remind myself that this voice inside my head is what I need to focus on so that I can be confident even if others aren't. Eventually my behavior will be louder than my actual voice and that is what will matter.

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  1. Confidence in Christ is key :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am always surprised when I hear my recorded voice. Surely that's not me!

    But I agree, that actions do speak louder and the voice inside and what it's saying is more important.

    1. it is strange the two are so different...

  3. Marissa. I believe that each one of us is a divine expression of God. Individualized expressions. All here to allow God's voice to be spoken through us in our own unique way. Here's to your expression. Your voice. Your perfect way of glorifying God as no one else can!


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