Growing Engagement on Bookstagram - Reading List

Growing Engagement on Bookstagram

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Read & Gush monthly Photo Challenge on Bookstagram - May 2019

Are you an Instagram user?

Have you felt the hit of the algorithm?

I know IG claims they aren't doing anything to hurt views, but after the last few months, regular users find that hard to believe.

But over on Bookstagam, we are focused on building a community of book nerds, and we support each other. So, of course, our goals are engagement, no matter what IG rolls out next.

And with that in mind, we are going to spend May focusing on ways to engage more with other bookstagrammers (if you are book lover, a book blogger, or take a picture of a book and share it on IG, you are a bookstagrammer!!!)

I hope you will join us as we step up our engagement this month, and hopefully make some new booksta besties.

We will be using the hashtag #readgushMay19 so set up to follow it now, and you won't miss out on the community activity. 

Before the month starts...

Share the challenge image in your stories, with the hashtag, maybe even tag all the co-hosts so we can shower some love on you. 

Or even, follow the co-hosts!

Marissa: marissa_writes
Natelle: Tall_Telle_Tells_Tales
Kylie: kylielovesbooks
Irene: Justicereads

And if you have any questions leave them here, or jump over to my Instagram and ask me there.

Read & Gush monthly Photo Challenge on Bookstagram - May 2019

May Book Photo Challenge


1. TBR
2. Why did you pick your handle? - Tell us why you picked your handle, the name that follows the [@] in your IG name
3. Behind the scenes - Take picture of what it looks like when you take your IG photos or have a friend take a picture of you while you take a picture!
4. Your favorite photo style - Pick any style you want: close up, flat lay, book shape, tower, stack, angle, outside... skies the limit here!
5. #shelfie with #selfie - show us a little of your face with your bookshelf this time, it's okay if you aren't looking at the camera, or if we can't see your face, you can be a shy bookstagrammer, but let us see a bit of your personality too.
6. Finding Inspiration: your spin on a photo from an account bigger than yours- Find an account you love that is bigger than yours (more followers) and recreate one of their photos, with your own spin. Then be sure to give them a shout out and some credit for the inspiration when you post!
7. Last book in a series: Finale book birthday
8. #booksnotbullies Share some encouraging quotes- As the Read & Gush family is all about supporting each other, here's a chance to share a favorite bookish quote that lifts you up in an effort to encourage another who might be having a rough time.
9. Share your favorite photo editing apps or filters
10. Before & After photos- Since you told us your favorite filters and such yesterday, show us how different it makes your photos!  Share the unedited, uncropped photo behind the finished product!
11. Shelf tour- you can do a video for this, or a series of photos... just let us see some of the extras we might not see on a regular shelfie photo.
12. #socksunday
13. #mugmonday - don't forget to tell us what's in your mug!
14. Finding Inspiration: from an account of the same size- Find an account you love that is the same as yours (same number of followers, or close to) and recreate one of their photos, with your own spin. Then be sure to give them a shout out and some credit for the inspiration when you post!
15. What are some of your favorite hashtags to follow?- Following hashtags is such a great way to find new accounts!  Share some of the hidden treasures you've found.
16. Who are your favorite book bloggers? Or BookTubers, or Goodreads reviewers, or even Bookstagram-reviewers!
17. Where else can we find you on social media? Now's your chance to promote yourself, and all the other places you spend your screen time- Goodreads? FB? Twitter? Blog? YouTube? Pinterest? Let us know!
18. Saturday Shout Out: 5 accounts you found this month- I hope you have found a few new accounts by this point, so now is the time to share those accounts with us!  Tag them in your caption, or share a spotlight in your story, but give them some extra attention today!
19. Bookish Q&A- Let us ask you some questions.  Since it's bookstagram we will keep these all book related, but be sure to answers those questions!
20. #mapmonday
21. Tuesday Tea: which bookstagrammers would you have high tea with? Another chance to share some favorite bookstagrammers with us... and spread some love!
22. Finding Inspiration*: from an account smaller - Find an account you love that is smaller than yours (fewer followers) and recreate one of their photos, with your own spin. Then be sure to give them a shout out and some credit for the inspiration when you post!
23. What makes Bookstagram fun for you? Let go of those moments that are harder, or disappointing, and share those good moments!
24. Friday Five: tips for new bookstagrammers - what are five things you would tell a brand new bookstagrammer?
25. Saturday shout out: accounts you’ve followed “forever” - Let us know about those accounts you admire, and follow and have followed for as long as you've been on booksta.
26. What are your Bookstagram goals for the next year?  Don't have any? Set some!  Don't forget, good goals are specific and achievable!
27. Recreate one of your older photos- grab an older photo- one you love, or hate, and do it over again and see how you've changed.
28. #towertuesday of your favorite books - stack them all up so we can see them all! Or feature a favorite
29. #waitingonwednesday Summer read- what book is releasing soon that you can't wait to get your hands on, or what book are holding out for summer to read?
30. Book & merch haul - show us all the goodies you've collected this month, and of course those new books...
31. Wrap up - don't forget to tell us what your favorites were!

Are you new to Instagram? And the challenge?  Make sure you leave a comment below so I can search you out!  I love to spread the love for my fellow bookstagrammers!

Do you love Instagram photo challenges? Are you a book fanatic?  Leave me a note, I'd love to chat with you.

Marissa Writes

Read & Gush monthly Photo Challenge on Bookstagram - May 2019

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