A Colorful April for Reading & Gushing - Reading List

A Colorful April for Reading & Gushing

Monday, March 25, 2019

Bookstagram Monthly Photo Challenge - Read & Gush April 2019

After this month's challenge of harder prompts, it is time to pick some easier daily prompts, don't you think?

Granted, March has been a fun challenge, a chance to push your abilities in bookstagram...

But let's move on, shall we?

April will be all about colors!

I hope you will join us. Don't forget, our Hunger Games read along is still going... check out this post for details. 

We will be using the hashtag #readgushApr19 so set up to follow it now, and you won't miss out on the community activity. 

Before the month starts...

Share the challenge image in your stories, with the hashtag, maybe even tag all the co-hosts so we can shower some love on you. 

Or even, follow the co-hosts!

April Book Photo Challenge


1. TBR
2. Galaxy colors - Happy Book Birthday Princess & the Fangirl - Galaxy colors include black, purple, blue, white, even some silver to show the glitter of the stars... be creative.
3. Yellow & Gray
4. Purple & White
5. Gold & Green - National Dandelion Day
6. Pink & Brown
7. #socksunday - match socks & books
8. #mapmonday - match the color of your favorite bookish map to books
9. Red, Black & Grey - Happy Book Birthday to  Descendent of the Crane
10. Shades of Blue - #booksnotbullies - stress awareness month
11. Metallics
12. DEAR day - Primary Colors - What is DEAR day?  It stands for Drop Everything And Read, all in honor of Beverly Cleary's birthday - check out this site for more information.
13. Secondary Colors
14. #shelfie - color coded in your preference
15. World Art Day - create a splash of color 
16. Red & Blue
17. Green Ombre
19. Yellow Ombre
20. Pink Ombre
21. Pastels - Happy Easter
22. National Jelly Bean Day- Colors of your favorite Jelly Bean 
23. Red & Yellow
24. Pink, Blue, & Grey
25. World Penguin Day - Black & White
26. Orange & Yellow
27. Purple, Black, & Gold
28. Rainbow
29. Bookish Haul
30. Wrap Up

Are you new to Instagram? And the challenge?  Make sure you leave a comment below so I can search you out!  I love to spread the love for my fellow bookstagrammers!

Do you love Instagram photo challenges? Are you a book fanatic?  Leave me a note, I'd love to chat with you.

Marissa Writes

Bookstagram Monthly Photo Challenge - Read & Gush April 2019

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  1. I am officially inspired for April! Got to cracking on these girl

    1. Cannot wait to see what you've got in store for the month!


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