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Read & Gush Focuses on Gratitude

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Read Gush Gratitude photo challenge for bookstagram November

Happy November lovely readers and writers!

Here in the States, November is a time to show our gratitude and thankfulness. Granted, we should always be thankful, but focusing on it for a month is always good.  So the vast majority of our prompts this month focus on just that.  There are many many chances to tag friends, give special shout outs, and simply spread the love that made bookstagram into the amazing community it is.

Don't get downhearted by the algorithm, join our little community and lets build each other up!

Below you will find the complete detailed list of prompts - the image on Instagram only allows enough space for a brief prompt, so any prompt on the image with an asterik (*) will be more detailed below.  As always though, feel free to adapt the prompts to your own liking for your own creative whims.  We love to see your take on these prompts!

Feel free to follow the hashtag, or any of those bookstagrammers participating - the more you like and comment on each other's photos the more your following will grow!

And if you have any questions leave them here, or jump over to my Instagram and ask me there.

I hope you will join in... just follow me on Instagram and check it out! Also, this month, our Read & Gush family is growing by the amazing Irene - she has agreed to join us month after month as a co-host, so be sure to give her a hello if you can!

Natelle: Tall_Telle_Tells_Tales
Alice: Alice_in_her_bookland
Kylie: kylielovesbooks
Irene: Justicereads

And because November is all about spreading the gratitude, we have teamed up with Kendall and Amber from the #GeekyGlowReads challenge for some of our shout out and spreading gratitude prompts!

Read Gush Gratitude photo challenge for bookstagram November

November Book Photo Challenge


  1. November TBR- share your top two, or three, or more books you hope to read this month
  2. NANOWRIMO - If you are participating, share your goals, if not, tell us an author you love who did NANO... Here's a great list: Published Wrimos
  3. Book Lover's Day- share your most loved book
  4. National Literacy Month- Tell us a book you think should be taught in schools & why
  5. Guy Fawkes Day: Show of a book & a mask
  6. Archenemies Book Birthday! Share a book with heroes in it
  7. Favorite book to movie adaptation 
  8. Falling leaves & books - maybe take that book outside if you still have some pretty autumn leaves!
  9. #FunkoFriday - or show off a cute little extra that you keep on your bookshelves
  10. Orange Ombre - or the colors of fall... because orange books are rare... 
  11. Stack Sunday & #bookfoldinglove 
  12. #MapMonday
  13. Young Reader's Day - share with us a teacher you are grateful to have had because of his/her impact on your love for books
  14. #BooksNotBullies - recreate one of your favorite photos from another account, and share the inspiration photo too - please remember to give them credit and lots of love
  15. Grateful & Kind characters - share those characters who are always kind and grateful
  16. The Crimes of Grindelwald release - share your favorite mythical creatures
  17. Tag day- share #10thingsilove and feel free to tag some of your booksta-buddies to join in the fun so we can fill bookstagram with all the things we love!
  18. #shelfieSunday - share your own shelfie, and give a special shout to another account whose shelves are #goals
  19. Give a shoutout to all those amazing Reading Buddies you've had this year! 
  20. Fire & Blood Book Birthday - show off your Game of Thrones books, or any long, epic series
  21. Author you're thankful for - be sure to tag him/her if you can 
  22. Thanksgiving - Finish this statement:  I am Thankful for bookstagram because...
  23. Black Friday- What's your bookish wish list? go ahead and tag any shops or authors on your list! 
  24. Small Business Saturday: Give a shout out to your favorite small shops, and maybe do some shopping...
  25. #SockSunday
  26. Books & Candles
  27. Bookish shape - another great chance to show some love to another account - try to use your books to make a fun shape - want some inspiration? Try these: Shape ideas or even more shapes
  28. Writing Love- Alright WriMos - time to update us, how did you do?  Didn't take part? That's alright, share some Indie Author love today!
  29. Book Haul - show of those new books and goodies!
  30. Wrap up - tell us which books you read, and maybe your star rating?

Most importantly- Do not miss Read Gush Narnia that runs through Nov 17! Click here to check out the prizes we have lined up!

What do we need to gush over in December? Share your ideas in the comments!

Are you new to Instagram? And the challenge?  Make sure you leave a comment below so I can search you out!  I love to spread the love for my fellow bookstagrammers!

Do you love Instagram photo challenges? Are you a book fanatic?  Leave me a note, I'd love to chat with you.

Marissa Writes

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