Bookstagram and Tagging - Read & Gush March - Reading List

Bookstagram and Tagging - Read & Gush March

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Read Gush Tag - Book Photo Challenge for March 2018

Let's be honest all of you who are on Instagram... the new and ever-changing rules of the algorithm can be so disheartening... we are stuck with it though...

So my co-hosts and I decided to try something different this month as we post daily... we are sharing a new interactive tag every day where you answer questions or prompts and then literally tag other book lovers on your insta picture to join in.  This can sometimes help get the algorithm to boost your photos and should help you get some comments on your photos as you will be tagging people all the time!

Two small notes here...

  1. Insta only lets you tag 20 people per photo... so be careful!
  2. try to tag different people each day so that you don't annoy people... because it can be annoying to be tagged every day by the same people...
But think of this challenge as a way to find new friends on booksta! 

If you are confused, leave a comment on this post, or shoot me a message on Insta...

Oh and if you have done any of these tags recently, feel free to pick a different tag!

I hope you will join in... just follow me on Instagram and check it out! And please follow my lovely co-hosts - they are super sweet, you will love them, I promise!

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Alice: Alice_in_her_bookland
Kylie: kylielovesbooks

Read Gush Tag - Book Photo Challenge for March 2018

March  Book Photo Challenge



1. #TBR
~ #TBRbooktag from @booksnbeaches
Most anticipated read:
Been there too long:
Afraid to start:
Bought because of someone else:
Need to read ASAP:
2. #tellmeaboutyourself from @tyffany.h
Favorite animal:
Celebrity crush:
Favorite city:
Favorite TV show:
Country you wish to visit:
Era you wish you lived in:
3. #stackSaturday
~ #booksandcolors from @bookishblackthorn
Blue (calming read)
Green (adventure filled read)
Yellow (fantasy)
Orange (sci fi)
Red (romance)
White (magical read)
4. #shelfieSunday
~ #mybookhome from @tsundokugirl
A world you’d like to live in:
Author you’d like as a roommate:
Fictional place you’d like to visit:
Book that gives you comfort:
Character you couldn’t live with:
5. #mapmonday
~ #bookishtraveltag from @alice_in_her_bookland
Paris – romance
New York – adventure
Singapore – sci-fi
Norway – book to read in winter
Athens – Historical fiction
Rio – book to read in summer
Sydney – outdoor adventure
Rome – book filled with good food
6. Restore Me (Shatter Me #4) book birthday…
~ #fantasybookishtag from @tsundokugirl & @dessatopia
What Race would you be?
What is your class?
What world would you live in?
Animal sidekick?
Weapon of choice?
What role would you have in the story?
Which fictional character would be there to help you?
7. #waitingonWednesday
~ Tag the authors of books you can’t wait to have!
8. #booksanddisneyvillains from @the_quirky.creative & @tsundokugirl
Captain Hook (book that made you wish time stood still)
Cruella De Ville (book that made you angry)
Maleficent (book full of magic)
Queen of Hearts (book that made you cry)
Scar (book that made you want to read it again)
Jafar (book that made you wish you were part of the story)
Shan Yu (book that was dark, but good)
Ursula (book you’d recommend to anyone)
9. #netflixbooktag @emmabookfairy
Recently watched (last book you finished)
Top picks (books you recommend)
Recently added (last book you bought)
Popular on Netflix (books everyone knows)
Dramas (character who is a drama queen)
Watch it again (rereads)
Anime (comic book/graphic novel)
Documentaries (nonfiction book)
Action & Adventure (action-packed book)
10. #selectionSaturday
~ #bookcourtshiptag from @breatheeasybooks & @ly_brary
Initial attraction (cover buy)
First impressions (bought based on summary)
Sweet talk (great writing)
First date (first book in a series that made you want to read the rest)
Late night phone calls (kept you up reading)
Always on my mind (can’t stop thinking about it)
Getting physical (book you love the feel of)
Meeting the parents (book you would recommend to your family & friends)
Thinking about the future (book you know you will always reread)
11. Daylight Savings Time Begins
~ #daylightsavingstag from @Tall_Telle_Tells_tales
Fall back – longest book you like
Spring forward – shortest book you like
Clock – book series that keeps going…
Hour hand – book you read in a week
Minute hand – book you read in a day
Second hand – book you read in a sitting
12. #daysoftheweekbooktag from @theliterarylighthouse
Monday – book you’re too lazy to read right now:
Tuesday – book that’s hard to finish:
Wednesday – best middle of the series book:
Thursday – book you don’t recommend:
Friday – book you can’t wait to be released:
Saturday – book that was fun to read:
Sunday – book/series you wish never ended:
13. Obsidio book birthday
~ #illuminaefilesbooktag from @tall_telle_tells_tales & @marissa_writes
Aiden – favorite AI in books, movies, or TV
Kady – favorite nerdy character
Ezra – best fake death
Hanna – favorite pretty but smart character
Nik – best witty character
Hypatia – most violent scene/book
Kerenza – scene where a place that was destroyed
Lollipop song – that song that always gets stuck in your mind…
14. #wonderlandWednesday
~ #wonderlandishlytagged from @bookbookowl
Alice (a book you have lost)
White Rabbit (a book you haven’t had time to read)
Mad Hatter (a book that made you feel like you would go insane)
Dormouse (a book that put you to sleep)
Queen of Hearts (a series that destroyed your heart)
Knave of Hearts (a book that gave you a book hangover)
Mock Turtle (a book that made you cry)
15. #deckofcardsandbooks from @justicereads
Rummy – most anticipated read
War – action-packed read
Go fish – fun & light read
Poker – odd but good read
Gin – book that blew your mind
Black Jack – book that you’re reading right now
Spades – next on your TBR
16. #coffeetablebooktag from @lettuce_read & @tsundokugirl
Cappuccino (romantic read)
Frappuccino (summer read)
Coffee (favorite children’s book)
Espresso (intense read)
Macchiato (book that made you fall in love with reading)
Latte (ideal read before bed)
17. St Patrick’s Day
~ #luckoftheirishbooktag from @marissa_writes
Shamrock – lucky character
Leprechaun – best trickster character
Rainbow – most vibrant character
Pot of Gold – richest character
Irish sayings – most wise character
Guinness (beer) – Serious drinker
Dryad (tree fairy) – big & tall character
Seelie (air fairy) – character that never ages
18. #subboxsunday
Tag those small Etsy shops you’d love to see in Sub boxes!!
19. #mostlikelyboybooktag from @justicereads
Good with kids
Picks flowers for you
Lends you their clothes
Talks with you for hours
Takes time to look at your eyes
Says you’re beautiful
Would die for you
20. First Day of Spring
~ #booksandflowers from @jules.bookverse
Rose – favorite timeless classic
Carnation – prettiest cover
Baby’s breath – favorite childhood book
Peony - favorite romance
Daisy – summertime read
Tulip – book you can curl up with
21. Blue books
~ #booksnotbullies
~ Tag those booksta friends you have
22. #cakeflavoredbooks from
Chocolate – dark book you loved
Vanilla – light book you loved
Red velvet – book that gave you mixed emotions
Cheesecake – book you would recommend
Coffee cake – DNF
Carrot cake – book with great writing
23. #bookishsickness from @tsundokugirl & @tyffany.h
Diabetes (a sweet read)
Chickenpox (book you wouldn’t want to read again)
Insomnia (book you read all night)
Amnesia (a book that took your breath away)
Bad nutrition (book that made you forget to eat)
Homesickness (book that reminds you of traveling)
24. #ibookworm from @canxdancexreads
How old were you when you started reading?
Who introduced you to the world of books?
How many books do you usually read a month?
Do you belong to a book club?
Do you have book-related hobbies?
25. #onSundayswepostPotter
~ #harrypottertag from @foxynerdyrebelle
~ Spell your name with Harry Potter Characters
26. #icecreambooktag from @kailemra
Melon (book to read in summer)
Mint (favorite series of all time)
Lemon (book that’s to understand)
Tiramisu (book that cheers you up)
Fior de Latte (classic)
Strawberry (sweet love story)
Chocolate (sequel you’re ready for already)
Coffee (kept you up late)
27. #tolkienTuesday
~ #makeyourownfellowship from @harleyisreading
Frodo (pure of heart)
Samwise (loyal and courageous)
Gandalf (great and righteous wizard)
Legolas & Gimli (two skilled warriors)
Aragorn (the rightful ruler of men)
Boromir (a fearsome yet misguided warrior)
Merry & Pippin (mischievous pair)
28. #mybookishboyfriend from @breatheeasybooks
Quiet one:
Bad boy:
Courageous one:
Mysterious one:
Sacrificing one:
Cocky one:
Noble One:
29. #mybookishgirlfriend from @breatheeasybooks
Charming one:
Quiet one:
Badass one:
Courageous one:
Mysterious one:
Sacrificing one:
Confident one:
Noble one:
30. #ilovevillainsbooktag from @breatheeasybooks
Pure evil:
Morally grey:
World dominator:
Power hungry:
Screw loose psycho:
Tragic origin:
Schoolyard bully:
The Hero’s mirror opposite:
Ancient Evil:
Mustache twirler:
31. #wrapup
~ Share all those books you read this month!

What do we need to gush over in April?? Share your ideas in the comments!

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