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Select - A Glimpse into One Girl's Awakening

Friday, December 08, 2017

Select by Marit Weisenberg - A Book Review on Reading List

When we are kids it is easy, for many, to assume that every person who teaches us is telling us the truth. We have no concept that those leading us might have an agenda that isn't simply to help us grow, or to make our own life-decisions in the future.

Fantasy books are wonderful examples of how a small lie -that helps people in reality start to stand on their two feet- can be twisted and warped into a life that is beyond expectation... throw in a little magic and you have a story that many readers will pick up.

Select by Marit Weisenberg - A Book Review on Reading List


Margit Wiesenberg

Story Overview 

The lifestyle of Julia Jaynes is in stark contrast to every one else in their town. The Jaynes have everything they could ever want it appears, and while they had friends, they didn't seem to be part of the community.  So when Julia finds herself having to prove her worth to her own father, by attending public high school, everything changes. 

Julia realizes just how different life could be, and how people are not so easy to define as a type. She struggles with the truth her father has been telling her all her life, with the reality she sees while attending high school.  Will Julia be able to handle finding a truth she can live with?

Personal Likes

I'll be honest, the idea of this story drew me in.  I wanted it to be amazing, as the official summary was so interesting and different.  The idea of a cult-like feel and how a high school girl pushes out of it was different.

And let's spend a moment on the cover... a butterfly in a bubble!  I mean the poetic possibliities of that are numerous. 

And then there was John. The tennis-player who slowly breaks away Julia's jaded realtiy simply because he enjoys spending time with her.

Select by Marit Weisenberg - A Book Review on Reading List

Personal Dislikes

This story was a jumbled mess of ideas. There were so many great starts, but they never went anywhere. Just a step or two and then they got lost in the jumble of Julia's confusion.  Which would have been fine if there were any kind of wrap up in the end.  But the need for a seris strikes again and the reader is left with no more pages and no answers...

Reading List Rating

I wanted to give this at least a three, but that's pushing it.  I can barely even recall enough clear points to write about them... even though I've been trying to write my thoughts down for months over this...

My Suggested Audience

I would say, if you are curious about this story, readers should be at least fourteen, or equivelant in maturity.  While the story seems innocent for the bulk of the chapters, there are hints at abuse early on. Then there are many trigger issues surrounding death and suicide, and there is a very over the top and mature intimate scene that was not necessary for the plot.

As the story is a strange mix of contemporary (settings) and fantasy (Julia's family... sort of?) with a lot of high school grit added in, I could see how this could be an interesting read for some.  Although I'm not sure it will appeal to adult readers who expect a level of writing that this book didn't get to.  Which is a shame because the language used, and some of the scenes are not something I would want teenagers picking up. 

Wondering Questions to Consider

However, this book does bring up the idea of power of speech, and the influence of cult-like groups that so many books often miss in the fantasy genre.  So often books allow readers to play out the idea of how much power they give actual people in lives to influence their thought. Tehre are many trustworthy people in most of our lives to listen to but there ar ejust as many that we need to hear, but truly analysis their words before responding in any way.  Stories like this one allow younger readers to consider how they respond to those around them. 

Select by Marit Weisenberg - A Book Review on Reading List

Have you ever encountered any cult-like groups in your life? At what age did you start to realize that not all people are telling you the truth, or giving you advice that was good for you? 

I'd love to hear from you, please leave me a little note!

Marissa @ Reading List

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