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The Vestige... A Sneak Peek

Saturday, June 17, 2017

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Current book:

The Vestige

Caroline George

The Vestige by Caroline George... A Sneak Peek on Reading List

Goodreads Summary:

Choose to see the unseen...
Julie Stryker has spent her life in the scenic streets of Charleston, South Carolina, bicycling to the local college, working at a coffeehouse, watching her family fall apart and back together. She has plans, dreams—all of which seem out of reach. Then she meets a handsome stranger at work, and she believes her life is on the brink of a much needed change. But after a tragic accident, Julie is whisked away from the only home she’s ever known and confronted with a life-altering secret: The end of the world has already occurred and a portion of humankind has been kept oblivious. 
Tossed into a hidden world of deception, Julie must confront the truth within herself and reveal the government’s layers before the end of the world becomes a permanent reality.
1st Layer: What you can see.
2nd Layer: What you know is real.
3rd Layer: What you can neither see nor know is real

Sneak Peek:

"Coffee washes across my tongue, warm and bitter, sweet as sin. It's a scandalous, caffeinated affair in my mouth. An espresso-based boyfriend. A guiltless romance free of purity-taking, love children, and heartbreak. Perfect." e-reader location 307

Initial Thoughts

I'll admit, I should have looked into what this book was about a bit more before picking it up... because I'm not usually a sci-fi reader... and this is certainly sci-fi.  Or rather, end of the world/ apocalypse... is that genre? But it is intriguing and different, to be sure.  I am curious where it goes, as I am not quite done with it yet. I am thinking this is the kind of book people who love zombie movies would get into.  It is full of action.

Here are some rules if you decide to join in:

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