July Bookstagram Challenge - Reading List

July Bookstagram Challenge

Monday, June 19, 2017

Read Gush July - An Instagram challenge

Alright, who loves summer?

The sunshine, the heat... days at the pool or the beach... and of course light summer reads!

And since June is quickly passing,  it is time to announce our July challenge for Instagram.  We are so excited to share another month of gushing with all of you... there have been many new bookstagrammers who have joined in this month, and I'm excited to see what July brings us.

Our little gushing group has shared more than 1,500 posts on Instagram... we are gaining speed!

There will be a day to show off any of your homemade props from the folding months we hosted earlier this year, but if you want to make some new paper flowers, here's the link to the pinterest board full of video instructions and such.  Plus there is a book folding day, and the instructions are on the pinterest board as well.  So prepare now!

We also have a few game days - you are welcome to come up with your game, but if you want to join in ours, remember to point out that there is no repeats!

Feel free to jump in and out of the challenge if life gets busy, we completely understand.  

I hope you will join in... just follow me on Instagram and check it out! And please follow my lovely co-hosts - they are super sweet, you will love them, I promise!

Natelle: Tall_Telle_Tells_Tales
Megan: Wonderland_Holds_My_Heart
Alice: Alice_in_her_bookland

Read Gush July - An Instagram challenge

July Book Photo Challenge


  1. TBR - What two books do you most want to read this month?
  2. #SockSunday or #NoSockSunday  Show of  your socks, or toes! 
  3. Game Day - time for another book plot in emojis... take the last book you finished, and loved, and tell us the plot using only emojis in the comments
  4. Independence Day - Happy Fourth of July... gush over an author from your country
  5. National Bikini Day  - Gush over some books worthy to take to the pool or the beach!
  6. International Kissing Day - Gush over your favorite kiss scene from any book you've loved
  7. #FridayReads  - Recommend a 5-star book to us
  8. #ShelfieSaturday  - Let's see those bookshelves... 
  9. #SundayFunday - Gush over a book that is just plain fun
  10. #MondayBlues -  Let's help battle the Monday blues by giving some encouraging shout-outs to a couple of your favorite bookstagram accounts - maybe one big account and one small account...
  11. Game Day- Let's have a Beach Party... In the comments say one thing you would bring to our little beach party... but you can't bring something someone else is already bringing...
  12. Happy Birthday Henry David Thoreau  - Let's gush over a book that is set outside, in the woods... or by the lake...
  13. Embrace Your Geekiness Day - Gush over your favorite fandom...
  14. National Nude Day - Share some of those gorgeous naked books
  15. Black Books - feature some of your favorite black books...
  16. Red Books - feature over your favorite red books... 
  17. Green Books - share those green books!
  18. Purple Books - today's the day to show off your purple books!
  19. #BooksnotBullies - Blue Books - give a little love to some smaller bookstagram accounts - or bigger... just show some extra love
  20. Rainbow Books - make a bookish raibow of some sort 
  21. #FunkoFriday - show off your funkos! 
  22. Favorite Fictional Sidekicks - who is your favorite sidekick? Maybe your top five?
  23. National Parents Day - Gush over your favorite fictional parents
  24. #ManicureMonday - hold up your #CurrentRead and let us see your pretty nails...
  25. Game Day - Let's let our Sci-fi geekiness shine... in today's game, pick your favorite sci-character and share in the comments... since there are so many out there from books, tv & movies, let's try not to repeat, okay?
  26. Fictional Holiday - Gush over a fictional holiday you wish were real...
  27. Share your favorite quote - at least your favorite quote at the moment...
  28. #bookfoldinglove - you know we had to do one paper folding... and since book folding helps save books from destruction, join us in our monthly book folding!  If you want to see the instruction videos here's a link, and here's a link to some amazing patterns, that are free!
  29. Subscription Box gushing time...
  30. International Friendship Day - Give a shout out to some of your book reading buddies! Or find a new buddy to read a book with!
  31. Happy Birthday JK Rowling - Show some HP pride, and give us your wrap up for the month!

Read Gush July - An Instagram challenge

What do we need to gush over in August?? Share your ideas in the comments!

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Do you love Instagram photo challenges? Are you a book fanatic?  Leave me a note, I'd love to chat with you.

Marissa Writes

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  1. I love books!! I haven't done a book instagram challenge though. Looks super cool!

    Thanks for sharing at #bloggerspotlight

    1. I'm so glad you were able to stop over HilD - they are such a blast and the audience and participants are such a friendly group - you should give a try...

  2. I just found your blog via your giveaway and I'm so glad! Can't wait to read all your back posts and new ones too 😄

    1. Aw thanks Carolyn! I've been around for a while here, so there are ton of posts... I hope you enjoy what you stumble upon ;)

  3. I'm so bad at Bookstagram Challenges. But I've been doing very good this month! I have 5 going and I've been posting all daily. I take a few days worth at a time and have them ready to post in my drafts. But I think I ran out today. Good thing I'm going out to camp tomorrow!

    1. I do a bunch of challenges at the same time too... but sometimes I don't actually picture the prompt... just comment about it... guess i'm a rule breaker - Enjoy camp!

  4. OMG! This challenge sounds so awesome! I can't believe I missed this! Hopefully it's not too late to join!

    1. It's never to late to join! We are super relaxed

  5. I've tried the Instagram challenges before but I just couldn't get into them. For some reason instead if fun, they seem stressful to me. :(

    Ash (Reviews of a FearStreetZombie)

    1. that is totally fair - we are totally relaxed though, so if you want to pop in and out feel free.

  6. . . . I might have to jump into this now. Well done! So fun. <3

    1. Oh I hope you do decide to join it - its a ton of fun!


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