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A Christmas Celebration... Sticker & Activity Book on Children's Corner

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Children's Corner

A Christmas Celebration

A Feature on Children's Corner on Reading List

About the Book

The Beginner's Bible has put out a fun sticker and activity book this Christmas season: The Beginner's Bible A Christmas Celebration Sticker and Activity Book**.  Each page of the book has a small paragraph with the basics of the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus.  There is a large sheet of reusable stickers to use in order to fill in the illustrations to keep the kiddos interested.  Each page has classic activities like mazes, color-by-number, word search and more.

Small point to keep in mind: This book is first and foremost an activity book.  It allows the kids to have a great time while getting reminded of the account of Jesus' birth.  However, it is not going to pull scriptures up.  There are facts in the account that are glossed over (Mary being a virgin is the most obvious... but there are others.). 

Why We Like It

When I was young, I remember hearing the Christmas story over and over during December, as an adult I think it is important to repeat the account of Jesus' birth. But I'll be honest, I can tell when I loose the attention of my kiddos with the story they have heard often.  Since I do not want them to hear the start of the story and tune out, I search other fun ways to bring the story to life.  Last week I shared a fun lyrical example, and this week I wanted to add in this activity book because they are nice additions to our Christmas story collections.

This interactivity between story and your child, allow the premise to sink further in.  While it might not seem like the most educational and detailed account, the physical act of finding matching stickers, finding words in the search, etc, will engage the brain in a new way and help to cement the concepts for your kids.  When it comes to the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus, I'll take any extras I can with that!

Granted this book will only be used this year, because it is an activity book.  Still, I can't wait for this book to come up in the 25 day of Christmas book gifts!   

Title: The Beginner's Bible A Christmas Celebration Sticker & Activity Book
Publisher: Zondervan/ ZonderKidz
Publication Date: October 2015
For ages: 4-8 years (certainly a great pick for young kiddos that are into coloring activities)
Type: Non Fiction

Add this fun activity book to your #25BooksofChristmas for your kiddos this year! @Reading_List1

Fun Christmas Activities for Your Kiddos on Pinterest 

  1. Baby Jesus Song &  More is a great place to grab some printable nativity characters to color & play with
  2. The Jesse Tree is a fun way to include scripture into your daily advent celebration. 
  3. Over the Moon has a great pre-k activity pack with a Nativity theme too!
  4. How about some Christmas themed word searches and mazes
  5. My favorite: Christmas verse coded message - My oldest loves these! 

Are your kids into coloring and activity books? What is their favorite activity (coloring, word searches, mazes...)?

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