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The Book With No Pictures: A Children's Corner

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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Children's Corner

Children's Corner on Reading List

The Book With No Pictures

By BJ Novak

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About the Book

The Book with No Pictures is a simply that, a story that has no pictures.  The reader is presumed to be an adult, probably mommy or daddy, and the audience is presumed to be young kids (ages 3 and up maybe?).  The reader needs to use their skills in reading, as the font changes sizes and colors and the breaks and page turns make the reader change up rhythms and such.  This is one of those books, that all kids will want to hear their parents or caregivers read, it's simply hysterical.

Why We Like It

With three different ages in this house, it is hard to find books that everyone will sit still for. I mean mom only has the ability to read books out loud for so many minutes in a day.  This one attracts the attention of all my kids, at the same time.  And they all want to hear it over and over, while laughing continuously through it.

I love reading this silly book because it doesn't matter what the topic is, I'm teaching my kids how to hear words in their head while they read to themselves later on.  If kids can't imagine how the words sound in sentences, allowing them to bring images to mind, they will never connect to chapter books as they grow older.

This is truly a must have book. Sure you can get it from the library, and maybe give it a try once, but this one needs to be on everyone's bookshelves so it can be read again and again to help little imaginations grow. 

Title: The Book with No Pictures
Author: BJ Novak
Publisher: Dial Books
Publication Date: September 2014
For ages: 3+ but really, as soon as you're child will allow you to read a paper page book to them
Type: Children's Fiction

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