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Pivot Point: A Book Review

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pivot Point

by Kasie West

There have been so many times in my life when a decision has been placed before me, and I have to decide, go right, or go left.  I know that I can't go back and fix it if I make the wrong choice, and that the decision will change my life.  So, as a true fan of Rory Gilmore, I come up with a pro/con list, and then forge ahead.

What if there was an ability that allowed you to play through the decision, and see it to completion, or at least weeks after to see what happened?  A way to glimpse the future and then decide which decision to make?  I know right?

Well I knew I had to read the story when that thought crossed my mind. I would totally love to see what a person's life looked like if she had the ability to see what would come of her decisions.

Pivot Point by Kasie West  a Book Review on Reading List  http://bit.ly/1NDTg1Y

Story Overview 

Pivot Point* by Kasie West is a wonderfully fun science fiction young adult book.  Addison Coleman lives in a special subset of society where the population has special powers, specifically extra abilities of their minds, think X-men. Addie specifically has the ability to look into the future and play out both scenarios when she is faced with an either-or decision.

This book follows Addie's futures when she has to Search her life as she is faced with a difficult decision.  Her parents are getting divorced, and she must decide who to live with.  While that decision leads her down two very different paths, Addie finds love, and danger.

Addie's life is consumed with high school and social circles, but she soon realizes there is so much more to the world than she thought. Many of the high schoolers are simply trying to find their place in society and control their powers, while others are causing some major issues, and not just within their little bubble.

Personal Likes

I personally enjoyed how the parents were portrayed in this book (series, actually).  The parents have a real role.  Addie's parents have actual feelings, and they aren't the only parents mentioned.  Let's be honest, most mainstream stories just get rid of parents, ignore their existence, or make them sound like idiots.  This book allows the teen perspective to see parents in a healthy light: as people, who make mistakes, but still have feelings and mostly want the best for their kids. 

I also appreciated that the boys and girls, while there are some romantic feelings, they also simply want to be friends.  There are many scenes that focus on creative talents, and sharing that with the opposite sex, instead of focused on hormonal urges.  The boys were also strong characters, with morals and dreams, not just jocks or stereotypes.  The girls were calm, while wanting to be strong and independent they were also simply learning to be themselves.  It was a nice balance, and more realistic than many stories I've picked up.

Pivot Point By Kasie West  a book review on Reading List  http://bit.ly/1NDTg1Y

Personal Dislikes

This book took a little more focus than I would have thought since the setting switches back and forth between Addie's two possible futures.  It quickly becomes confusing, where she is in reality and time. I had to stop and flip back a few times to keep track of where I was in her timeline.

Also this is one of those books that really demands you suspend belief and agree to the world of the book.  And there are times when I started to feel like I was reading a simply fiction, then something sci-fi would happen and I'd have to re-enter the world of the book or lose the whole story.  That could have been the adult in me though...

Reasons to Read

This was a really fun read, when I was allowing the world to be, and not question it. The characters were portrayed as very normal teenagers.  It felt like they were kids I went to school with.  So for those of you who aren't really big sci-fi readers, but like YA lit, this might be a good pick.

Plus, this book is mostly a look into a girl's life as she tries to live her life and deal with her parent's decision to divorce all while being a friend and figuring out love.  

Reading List Rating

Five Heart Rating on Reading List

I'm giving this book a five heart rating, because I really loved the characters and the story line. I could totally see myself picking this one up again and again for a quick and fun read. Not to mention the sequel was equally engaging, but that's another post.

My Suggested Audience

I suggest this book would be a great hit with teens who are science fiction fans.  While I would probably say fifteen and up, as there are many scenes that are more mature in nature that look into the evil side of power and control, but overall it's a clean read.

Also, for those fans of the classic coming of age story line, this is a great read. The science fiction isn't as overwhelming as some popular books out now.  

I can totally see adults getting into this book.  It's just a fun read. 

If you could have a super power, a super brain, what would it be? The ability to see the future? The ability to influence what others thought, saw, wanted, etc? The ability to heal the brain of others?  Something else?

I'd love to hear from you, please leave me a little note!

Marissa @ Reading List

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