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Children's Corner: The Jolly Postman

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One of the many reasons why I'm sure I love to read is because my mom had a million different books for us to read growing up.  Of course the fact that she is a preschool teacher and has put together quite a library over the years has something to do with that.  The other big thing was that we were allowed to read books that would be considered "below" our reading level, which is totally not something I've learned most parents let their kids do...

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Anyway, a great plus to having a preschool teacher for a mom is that my kids are able to enjoy her vast library every time we visit, and that is often. Recently we discovered an old favorite of mine from when I was young -  The Jolly Postman by Allen Ahlburg.  It's so much fun! I mean what kind of person doesn't like a story where there are not just movable parts, but flaps that open to conceal letters and newpapers and other goodies that you can take out and explore? (Much like this book...)

This is a very interactive story that pulls together traditional fairy tale characters through the journeys of  the postman. The postman visits characters like the three little bears and then the reader gets to see what kind of mail they receive.

The Jolly Postman  in Children's Corner  {Reading List}

Like for the three bears, the postman brings them a letter from Goldilocks.  It's written in sloppy little kid writing with doodles around it, very similar to a child's pen pal type letter.

My boys are loving this one because they get to pull out letters, postcards and other goodies just like actual mail.  Plus it has made getting mail at home a real adventure.  I'm hoping that this interest in our mail leads to an interest in writing to others... but only time will tell.

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five coffee cup rating  {Reading List}

I had to rate this one high, because as a kid I would read this one over and over.  And I'm loving watching my boys look through this and ask questions...

Have you read The Jolly Postman to your kids?  Do your kids like books that have pull outs and ways to interact?  Do you have your kids write letters to anyone?  Join the conversation!
Marissa {Reading List}

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