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Anything: Book Review

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Most days I realize I seriously don't know anything.  The day just takes over and try my best simply to keep up.  Other days I am ready for bed before I'm done cleaning up from breakfast!   This crazy life has made me realize that on most days I'm chasing something that I can't even name, and that is simply not alright when I think about.

So when the opportunity to read Anything by Jennie Allen as a study came around I figured it would be a good chance to name that something that I'm chasing daily.

Anything: A Review  {Reading List}

Safe. Comfortable. Happy.

Words we all love. Feelings we want. Even crave. We may love God, but being that he's invisible, words like comfortable seem to feel better faster.

We are all chasing something. Our hearts were made to run hard and fast after things that move us. But as a generation we are all beginning to stir and wake up, identifying that these words don't satisfy for long, especially when compared to God. If God is real, and we are going to live with Him forever, shouldn't He be everything?

Caught in this familiar haze of worldly happiness and empty pursuits, Jennie Allen and her husband Zac prayed a courageous prayer of abandonment that took them on an adventure God had written for them.

"God, we will do anything. Anything,"

Anything is a prayer of surrender that will spark something. A prayer that will move us to stop chasing things that just make us feel happy and start living a life that matters. A life that is...

Surrendered. Reckless. Courageous.

If we truly know a God worth giving anything for, everything changes.

I don't know about you, but I don't know if I can really pray that prayer yet - it's a scary thought that goes so against everything society teaches... And that is why I think this is a great book.

"When we don't love or feel joy or peace or patience, it's because we do not know his love or his joy or peace or passion."  ~Jennie Allen
That is so true!  There are so many times when I feel no joy or patience, and it's because I've removed myself from the source of joy and patience and love in an effort to stand on my own. As a result, I hit the ground and chase after nothings. Allen makes these kinds of points over and over in a way that is easy to understand and translate into your own life.

Anything: A Book Review   {Reading List}

It is so essential that once in awhile we go outside of our comfort zone and see what we out there. And it is scary, and hard, but the rewards are so great. The whole book focused on the mind versus the heart issue and as a result you are forced to examine your own disbelief - a real step out of the comfort zone if we are honest.

Personally, I enjoyed this book because Allen did a great job of be a real person, and not some superhuman example that is not within anyone's reach. She lays out the process of the anything prayer - that it is an every day decision, and life changer at that.  Because honestly, even after reading the book, doing the study and praying, I couldn't quite say the same anything prayer.  Granted I'm much closer to it, and in the end I think that is the goal. This book is the perfect step for anyone to move closer to the Lord in order to completely surrender of your own desire, and that is a process that will take each person a different amount of time.

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I had a great guest blogger share her review of this book last year, if you are looking for more on Anything, check it out here.

Interested in the Good Morning Girls Study that focused on Anything?  Here's the link!

Have you read Anything?  Were you part of the GMG study?  I'd love to hear what you thought.
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