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Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm not sure how many of you reading this have been following along as I've journeyed through this world of blogging.  You see I started writing after my first son arrive, early, and of course with that brought tons of things to say. Then I just enjoyed writing what I was doing as mom, and my family seemed to be thrilled at the pictures I kept putting up.

Then I expanded.

Even before blogging, I was a freelance writer (surprise surprise!), so the jump to blogging was easy.  But the platform scared me a little.  A freelance writer can get used to hiding behind the name of some other company and just be a small side name.  Which worked great for me.  But deep down, I had a passion for reading, and of course writing.

So while I was writing about my days as a mom, I read a blog, Women Living Well by Courtney.  I gained confidence in myself as I read her words. She provided a balm that this mama needed as she learned the ropes, slowly - still slowly.

And then I got the chance to read an advance copy of Courtney's new book, Women Living Well.

I just have one thing to say:


Seriously, you do. I mean if you are a mom, a wife, a homemaker. Or if you dream of becoming any of these, this is a book that will give you the courage to keep at it.  Because let's be honest, these titles, they are the worst paying jobs in the world, and yet I haven't met one yet who doesn't feel more blessed than a CEO of a major company.  We need encouragement to stay on such a course, and Courtney has filled a book with just that.

Women Living Well: A must read  {Reading List}

There is just something about the way Courtney writes that is easy to swallow even though she is addressing topics that can be hard to read.  I mean who wants to read about how we have to step up and actually work at taking care of our families even when we don't want to? I know, right?

So my suggestion for you is that if you receive a gift card for Amazon or some extra cash in your stocking this Christmas, reserve a small amount and get yourself a copy of this book. It could very well be the balm your soul needs for 2014.

Reading List Rating:
5 coffee cup rating  {Reading List}

Oh and there's a bonus with this book.  If you are into studies or are looking for a study to do with some faithful sisters in the new year Courtney has a free -YES FREE- companion study guide with the book. Just click here, or on the picture below.

Have you read Women Living Well?  Do you read Courtney's blog?  Is this something you think would be the perfect addition to your reading list?  Let me know!

If you are considering purchasing this book, consider using this affiliate link and support Reading List in the process. Thank you!

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