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Realizing What My Responsibility Truly Is

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Motherhood is full of responsibilities. In fact that could very well be the biggest understatement I've ever thought!  The second you realize you are in charge of someone else's life your focus changes, and all of your previous responsibilities seem tiny, right?

Suddenly you're life is full of caring for that little human being. And of course your brain jumps forward at lightning speed trying to reach the next hurdle and prepare before you actually reach it.  This little brain game is what can suddenly make motherhood overwhelming, at least for me.  You see, I would start to worry over events that hadn't happened, and likely wouldn't happy simply because if they did happen I'd be responsible!

It took awhile but some truth sank as I went farther down the motherhood journey.  And one truth included what I was actually responsible for.

I'm sharing that truth over at Simply Helping Him, click over and check it out!

God calls people to Himself {Reading List}

{Reading List}

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