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It is enough to be okay

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Every single day we compare our lives to others.  This isn't a new phenomenon, as the phrase "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" is not new!  However with social media taking up every free second for so many people, the chances to see glimpses of the other side of the fence have greatly increased.  As those glimpses increase the times when we are not pleased with our patch of grass increase.  It is a vicious cycle, one that needs tons of encouragement to walk away from.

I am in desperate need for such encouragement - what about you?

Being OK with Where You Are - Book Review {Reading List}

Every day I have to literally tell myself just because a friend of mine posted a picture of her kiddos on facebook where in the background is an immaculate house, and her kids are in the foreground looking adorable after they returned from a four mile hike, or three hour trip to the zoo that it is just one little picture, a snapshot of her life. That yes in that one picture it appears that her life is perfect, and as a result I'm feeling like mine is failure.  I have to tell myself that is not the case - she is probably clinging onto one part of her day that was perfect so that the rest of the mess of the day fades away... Do you know what I'm saying?

Then of course there are the friends I have that are still single with no kids who have the careers we talked about when we first picked our majors.  Those friends are relishing in climbing the ladder of success and going out in the evenings.  Again I must remind myself that I am also climbing a ladder of success, in building a family and my evenings are spent getting hugs and kisses during story time...

Being OK with where You Are - Book Review {Reading List}In the midst of my self-encouragement, which only goes so far... I was asked to read a book, Being OK With Where You Are, by Stacey Thacker.  I jumped on the chance.  I needed to have someone encourage me to be simply that, okay with where I am right now. (Besides, I loved Hope for the Weary Mom, which Stacey co-wrote)

And boy am I glad I did.

This is one of those books that makes you smile as tears roll down your cheeks because what Stacey is saying is exactly what you've been feeling as you strive to live your life as well as you can as each day passes. We all know that as time passes we let go of certain dreams, or shelf them for another season of life, and in doing so we often feel bad about where we are.  But we shouldn't!

In ten quick chapters Stacey reveals her heart as she practices Being Ok with Where she is and focusing on how God has blessed her.  As she has learned to change her focus, she shares insights, practical steps and numerous words of encouragement to help the rest of us also learn to be ok with there we are. It might seem like this is a ten step process, but Stacey assures us that these "steps" do not have to be done in this particular order, and the process will mostly likely have to be repeated, on some level, often in our lives. Which, let's be honest, is refreshing because how many of those 10 step programs really change your life? Or rather, your heart? Stacey gently reminds us that, "life might not be fair in this snapshot moment. But, we have Jesus, and that is so much better." It is so much better than any 10 step process for sure.

Grace makes room... {Reading List}

The biggest take away line of encouragement I've gleaned from this book (and there were many) is to remember "we have a loving Father in heaven who is standing on the other side of the door saying, 'Just focus on one thing today. Focus on the sound of my voice. It is a promise for you.'"  There are days when this little line is light that it is alright if I can't do anything else, right now, because God will send down Strength and Grace in His Spirit so that I can complete His work.

Reading List Rating:
Five cup rating {Reading List}

I highly recommend this book. If you find yourself needing some words of encouragement, and you wish they would come a friend, Stacey writes in a way that allows you to feel like a friend is sitting next to you, encouraging you.

And the best part?  This book is going to be released on Tuesday at a discount!  I know you will want to snatch it up (During the first week the ebook will be only $3.99 and the paper back will be $4.99 (regularly 4.99 and 7.99)).  And to make this book even sweeter, Stacey is going to donate $1 of every book purchase to Freeset Global - a ministry that helps rescue girls in India from the sex trade. 

Marissa D  {Reading List}

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