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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ready or Not (Aggie's Inheritance)
Chautona Havig

I love reading fiction - the ability good fiction authors have to transport from this world into a new one is fabulous. I enjoy meeting new characters and feeling involved in their lives, even if they are made up. However, in the current age of self-published ebooks the great fiction writers seem to have disappeared, being replaced by writers who are just starting off, and publishing efforts that although full of effort are just not up to the high standards of a great fiction writer.

Please do not hear this wrong, I find some great non-ficiton pieces from first time self publishers.  However, when it comes to fiction there is a certain finesse that comes with time, or born talent, and that type of author is getting hard to find.

I was pleasantly surprised by how great the world of Aggie was created by Havig. Granted the setting is modern suburbia, which is extremely similar to my life. And still I found myself completely wrapped up in Aggie's new life and how she would get through. There was great character development in the children and the side characters to the point that at times I forgot the story was about Aggie simply because I was so caught up in the each of the characters.

Aggie is a recent college grad that has the world in front of her, and then life takes on a new direction - a direction she credits one hundred percent on God and His timing. You see, Aggie inherits her sister's EIGHT children when her sister and brother-in-law die in a tragic hospital mix up.  Aggie has to figure out how to become a mother over night - and by mother I mean - caregiver, cook, housekeeper, financial planner, shopper and all the other jobs moms take on a daily basis.

Fresh mercies every day

To be honest after I heard the premise I figured the book would be about Aggie complaining over her new life, the direction being so different than what she dreamed of, but it's not.  Yes Aggie grieves her dreams, her sister - yes the children go through stages of grief - yes there are some tense moments surrounding the tragic death of Aggie's sister. However, that is not the main focus of the story.

The story continually shows how Aggie's faith and hope in her God gives her daily strength to take on the life He has given her.  And no it is not easy. And yes she has moments where she simply feels she cannot go on. But she sends a quick "p-mail" to God and forges ahead.

I honestly can go on and on about this book - I loved so many things about it, but I would rather you go to your local library and check it out - or get it for your Kindle - it is extremely well priced( AS IN FREE!! - as of 7/30/13) and then tell me what you thought...

This is an amazing story for all moms and women and girls. Aggie is a great a role model in how she centers her list on God daily and then just moves forward. I highly recommend it. I personally am excited to read the other books in this series and see where Aggie's story goes.

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Have you read Ready or Not? Or any of Havig's stories?  What did you think?

What are your favorite fiction authors?  Why is he or she your favorite fictional author? Chime in down in the comments.

Since I think everyone should read this book, here's the Amazon link, and as of this posting, the Kindle version is FREE! so click on this link and check it out.

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