Lessons in June - Reading List

Lessons in June

Friday, June 28, 2013

So a while back I read a great book and was so in love with it I had to start reading and following the author's blog. I mean if a book is so great, it would follow that I would enjoy her thoughts on a regular basis. And I am loving the tidbits of life that Emily shares on Chatting at the Sky

When she suggested doing a fun post to share what we each learned in the month of June I was on board. So I spent most of the month trying to learn something... and often I learned that I know very little!  But isn't that just the truth for us all...  

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my efforts to learn a little bit this month... and maybe even you'll check out Emily's ramblings at Chatting at the Sky...

  • If I don't have a basic outline for my day, nothing gets done... and that's not a good thing... I mean who else is going to feed my little guys? (no worries, no one actually starved... we just didn't really eat anything of nutritional value...unless marshmallows count...)
  • Picking strawberries is an incredibly difficult task - I have a new appreciation for all those who work on farms day in and day out (for the record, I never shorted the effort needed to be a farmer!)
  • Vacation Bible Camp (School) is extremely fun for kids, and that is why they end up exhausted, and yet for mommies it is equally exhausting, the mental capacity to taxi the kids! (Maybe it was because the exit ramp from the highway was closed just for the week... at least I can blame it on the construction and not my over-spun mommy brain...)
  • Homemade ice cream tastes better than ANY ice cream I have ever purchased at the store - any store... and I'm a true ice cream supporter - I can always find a reason to try out the ice cream parlor anywhere!  However, a new tide has come over me - it is super easy, and didn't take nearly as long as I had guessed it would. Oh and the bonus, my kitchen smelled wonderful afterward even though I never turned on the oven.
  • So I'm sure I read this one on pinterest, or had been told by someone at one point - but vinegar is the best thing for those stupid weeds that love to grow between weeds. I mean it just kills them completely... of course the sun helped bake them, but still - why hadn't I tried that one sooner?? Plus my boys were all about spraying those weeds with their little squirt bottles...
And I'm sure there were a ton of other little things I've learned this month, but my brain must be on summer vacation because that's all I can put into words.  

It's amazing when you try to look for it, how many things you are still learning every single day...

What did you learn this month?

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