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Busy Toddler... Happy Mom

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Busy Toddler, Happy Mom...

By Gayle Jervis & Kristen Jervis Cacka

Do you often wish you had more ideas on how to keep your child stimulated at home?
Do you find yourself signing up for expensive toddler programs since they give you the confidence that you have provided all that your toddler needs for his developmental growth?
Do you wish that your toddler could be more fully engaged in his play so that you have time to do the laundry?
Have you purchased activity books to give you more ideas on how to entertain your toddler to discover that they are more appropriate for groups of toddlers at a daycare or for a specialized program? (Busy Toddler, Happy Mom)

In the day of homeschooling mama bloggers and pinterest it is incredibly easy to find how-to's on how to engage our toddlers while entertaining them. However, it takes a great deal of time to find such sources, then you have to print out the how-to's or put them somewhere you will remember to go back to when you are ready to use it.  And I don't know about you, but I don't usually have my computer near by in the midst of  toddler play time...

This book is truly a great tool for all toddler parents and grandparents. There are more than 280 activities that will truly engage your toddler (18 months - 3 years) while helping to develop his motor (gross and fine) skills and language abilities. Plus there are many that are not messy and free. Many of the other activities would only have a minimal cost involved...

The book is straight to the point on listing the activities, in six straightforward categories:
  1. Small Motor Skills
  2. Gross Motor Skills
  3. Arts and Crafts
  4. Sensory Activities
  5. Books to Read
  6. Language Development

For me personally, I think this is an invaluable book because of the section on books - I know you are shocked!

Gayle has 48 different titles listed and with every single one she gives you at least one idea on an activity to follow up on the book. I cannot stress enough how great it is to add some kind of small activity to a book that allows for more discussion on the book, the words used, the story it creates. These activities grow children's imaginations.

Also, if you are trying to limit the amount of time you are spending on the internet this could be a wonderful tool, as a book that you can pick up whenever you want (I don't know about you, but pinterest is a blackhole for me - I get on it to find something but then spend hours just looking at everyone's great pins!).

Another great point to this book - at the end there is a list of the supplies to keep on hand to do these activities - I don't know about you, but a list in one place makes my life on a budget easier. I can buy want I can afford and put aside the money for other objects for later. Plus the list includes objects you have on hand but probably throw out when you're done (tissue boxes, wipe boxes, toilet paper rolls, etc.) - again a list that is great to have easily accessible.

Gayle and Kristen have included links (in the Kindle edition) to printable resources on their site - which is very nice. 

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Another bonus?  The kindle version is only $2.99, or if you're an Amazon prime member you can borrow it for free.  Oh, and no worries about getting the kindle edition, there are no pictures in either book, you can get which ever is easiest for you to use. 

There are a ton of activities here that will help some of those long summer hours that can seem hard to get through... 

What are some of the activities you do with your toddler to really engage them that will help her to have better skills? What is your favorite book to read together? How are you passing the summer days that seem long and unending with a toddler full of energy? I'd love to hear from you!


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