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Keep the Falling from Being the Failing

Friday, June 07, 2013

There is nothing like watching a little kid learn to walk.

After months of watch everyone else walk, he figures that he must get his feet under him in order to actually walk. And so he finds himself standing.  Then there is the stage of cruising along furniture - getting the idea of transferring weight from foot to foot.

But the power that comes with the freedom to walk - anywhere.  That pushes such a little being to let go and take that step.

And usually not long after that first step, there is the fall.

Granted, diapers do a lot to help with the impact of the fall, especially since most of these falls are right onto that little derriere.

The inspiration comes from their determination to get up and try again, and again, and again. They keep trying until the concept of walking is no longer hard.

Think about that - it is hard work to learn to walk. For quite some time it seemed impossible.  Then after falling and getting up over and over, it because easy. So easy, that we, as adults, often take the ability to walk for granted.

This process is learned when we are young right. So why is this process so hard to remember as adults?

Mary Pickford

Whatever is looming in front of you that seems impossible, this is your learning to walk. Take some time and observe those already doing it. Then start slowly, try standing and cruising. But don't stop there.  Take that step, and walk.

You see, your Creator has already given you all that you need to walk through the process that is seemingly impossible. You just have to keep at it.

And do not let the numerous falls discourage you. Do not allow a fall to turn into a failure.  Just try again, and again. Until it comes easy.

Just try to remember to thank the One who gave you the drive, the motivation, the baby steps, and ability along the way.

*This post was influenced by Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday prompt - feel free to join in the fun!

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