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Fall For Him

Monday, May 13, 2013

Have you ever looked back on your life and wish someone would have been brutally honest about things you could have done to prepare for where you are now?

For example, after you have been married for a little while, have you wished that someone would have shaken you into reality while you were still single to figure out some truths and realities?

Well Brenda H. Rodgers wrote a quick little ebook about just such a scenario  She wrote Fall For Him: 25 Challenges from a Recovering Single after she got married. Specifically, Rodgers talks about the "baggage" all women carry into marriage. (81) Granted some of that baggage has to be carried in because we've all lived and have a history. However, Rodgers points out some of the extra baggage that  she wishes she had found a way to let go of before she got married.

The book is broken up into twenty-five "daily" style challenges, although many of the challenges could take more than a day to work through. Each challenge goes through short reflections of Rodgers' experiences, has some questions to personally reflect over, a short prayer and a specific challenge to tackle.

The best part of this book is that Rodgers doesn't avoid the tough topics that tend to be glossed over: The "If lies" of Satan that honestly can plague single and married women; How relationships can become idols, as in chasing the idea of a relationship and chasing the idea of "your perfect" man; Not allowing the past to cloud the possibility of the future; the pros and cons of online dating for Christian women; "the Sex Trap"; and many more. As a result, although this book is mostly aimed for young Christian women in the dating season, or just starting to enter the dating world, I think moms of young women could benefit from reading this book also.  So many topics are addressed that could be useful for moms to be aware of.

As a married women, I might not be the main audience, but I had some nice take-aways from this book as well. Some of the truths Rodgers touches on included concepts that can be addressed, and probably should be, even after you are married or in a serious relationship. Personally the concept of truly understanding the truth - "Peace is not the same as happiness" - is just as difficult to hold onto every day as a married woman. Even more importantly, "Peace comes through a daily surrendering of our challenges to God." (96) (Tweet this idea)

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For those of you who are single, does this sound like a book you would read? Mothers of daughters, would you use this a source for discussion with your daughter as she enters the dating world? Married women, was there some kind of luggage that you wish you knew you didn't have to carry into marriage if only someone had been brutally honest with you before you were married? Do you think you would have taken the advice?

Brenda blogs over on Triple Braided Life, if you are interested in hearing more from her.

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