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Prepare for the hardship: Empty

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I am probably making a horrible assumption, but I haven't met too many people who truly think that life will always be easy. I mean, there are few that I have come across that haven't tasted one of the more bitter tastes in this world.  If you are one of those with the mindset that this world will always be perfect, that you will not face trials or challenges, I'm sorry that I am bursting this bubble. But as I have told my kid on almost a daily basis, life is not fair, and sometimes we have to go through things we would rather avoid.

And this life, this hard and tiring life that can be full of trials, it can really leave us feeling empty.

This side of life is why I was drawn to empty.: Living Full of Faith When Life Drains You Dry - because isn't that exactly what we all wish for in the midst of the hard? A was to be full of hope and faith?

Cherie Hill quickly gets to the heart of the issue that so many people face - "We all find ourselves daily living with the harsh reality that life is hard and life hurts." (p 8)   Simple truth. Every single person doesn't need to live for very long before this statement makes sense.  (Click here to Tweet this)

And then she goes further to address the question that I've heard from both Christians and non-Christians my entire life - "If He's so personal, where is He? If He's promised to never leave us nor forsake us, why does it seems as though He has?" (p 9)   I have yet found a way to answer this question... but this book gave some great foundations for the answers to these tough, real life questions.

The main point, the foundation if you will to help you find stability in this hard and painful world, that Hill makes is that God wants us to look to Him, even if that means we have to reach the end of ourselves in order to look to Him.

God has NEVER said that He won't give us more than we can handle. What He has shown is, throughout history, He ALWAYS gives people MORE than they can handle.   (p 14) 
Hill organized the book through lies that this world wants us to believe, that make it almost impossible to really believe the Truth that is in God's word.  She fills her short book with scripture and quotes from other notable Christian writers.

Made for another world

Yes, this is a short book that is full of some of the more hard to discuss issues. And as a result it is harder to read and digest, especially if you are in the middle of one of those dry, weary valleys. And for that reason, I would recommend this book to those of you who feel like life is at least doable for the time being. It's just a fact that in the middle of the hard times is not when we want to hear these Truths, but if we can store them up so that they might be a source of wisdom, and then strength for those trials, that is a good use of our time. (Click here to Tweet this)

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Have you read this book?  Have you read any of Cherie Hill's other books? If so have you been to her site?  How do you store up truths to help pull you through those trials in life?

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