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Friday, April 26, 2013

The last few weeks have been spent trying to catch up on current events in the seconds when my kids are no where near the computer.  And actually watching the news on the television has practically stopped.  You see I still feel that part of my job description as mother is to protect the innocence of my children.  Yes I know that the world will seep in, and this is not a realistic objective for long, but you see, right now they are still very young. They were given these few short years to simply learn how to live in their own skin, without worrying about living in this broken, hurting world.

And in the last few weeks, there has been so much of that broken, hurting world that I feel compelled to remember, understand, sympathize with. At least as much as I can as one who is somewhat removed from the outstanding-ness of it all.

As I also want my boys to grow up with the ability to show compassion to the least of these around us in the broken, hurting world, I know that I must know about the broken and hurting, and slowly allow some of that in. You see, while I am able to have a little bit of control on the speed of this experience, I get to walk along side my boys and literally show them how to be compassionate.
And that,

being compassionate,

is what I hope to somehow show to this broken and hurting world as I sneak moments to read stories, testimonies, look at pictures, send out prayers...

And that is what I keep coming back to - sending out prayers.

The Creator of you and me is also the Healer for the broken and hurting. Calling out to Him to heal and comfort is the greatest this mom of two full-of-life boys can do in the midst of my little world. And praying is what I can literally show my boys - every single day. (Tweet this)

And who shows me how to do this practically? My Redeemer.  (Matthew 14:23Matthew 26:36-44Mark 1:35, Luke 5:16Luke 6:12Luke 9:28Luke 22:41-43)

You see, in the moments when His heart was too full with the hurt of this world, He went to be alone with His Father to be filled with Perfect Love.

And this is what I must work at - being alone to be filled with my Father's Perfect Love.

So mama's, you know that this Perfect Love is a necessity, take the time - seriously - stop your planned chore, or checklist item, and take a few minutes to be alone with the Father.  Ask Him to fill you with His Perfect Love, His Saving Grace.  And pray for those around you who are broken and hurting.

Do it for yourself.

Do it for those who are desperate for relief.

But also do it for your little ones who are watching with little eyes that are so very impressionable.

Not quite ready to be in complete silence for solitary prayer?  Might I suggest this song to cover the white noise...

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