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Five Minute Fridays: Again

Friday, January 25, 2013

Time to take a break from your schedule and just write off the top of your head for five minutes. No worries about impressing. No thoughts about being perfect. Just write.

Thanks Lisa Jo for giving the word to leap from.

Five Minute Friday


There was a period of my life where this group was all I knew. From eight in the morning until three at night we were each other's family. For eleven years.

We made up games to play outside.

We ate together.

We learned lessons from math and English to death and strength.

We went through growth spurts together.

We learned how to band together against the world.

Then the end came. Decisions to make over our lives started to take precedence.

We moved away.

Our lives took over.

Sure we would reconnect again here and there - love the marvels of technology.

But here we are again, looking at the chance to be together again.

Who have we become? We no longer know each other's biggest secrets and embarrassing moments - although at one point we were experts on each other.

Again we will be together - to just be the men and women we have grown up to be - with a foundation that is shared.

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