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Five Minute Fridays: Here

Friday, August 03, 2012

Time for Five Minute Fridays!  Take a few minutes and join in on the fun!

Five Minute Friday


Here I sit, cross-legged, amid Cheerios and toys.

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Here I sit with one arm balancing a little boy who desperately wants to walk, with the other I give high-fives off and on to his older brother, so full of energy.

Here I sit wondering... dreaming...

Here I see the future spread out in front of me.

My days fill with laughter, giggles, cries, yells, sounds of all kinds, and yet here I am still dreaming of what is next. I see his little two-toothed grin and wonder when he will be running after his brother for that red fire engine instead of just staring and wishing for it.

I wonder when the preschooler energy will give way to a young boy who wants to study science and read books.

I wonder where our here will be when those days come... what I will be doing... will I still be sitting here with my legs crossed?

Then in a flash the here and now snaps me back into reality, as this two-toothed little boy stops being happy and starts to get hungry, and his older brother stops playing just long enough to ask for lunch.

And this moment passes...

Oh and because the whole time I was writing this song ran through my head I wanted to add it!  I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Ah, the here often makes us long for the there, doesn't it?
    Great post- thank you!!

  2. I had to chuckle at you wondering if you would still be sitting cross-legged in the future! Somethings don't work as well when the kids get older!!! :) Enjoy the here, the there comes way too quickly!!!


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