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Mini Shopaholic

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

I want to start this off by saying that Kinsella is one of my favorite authors in the "chick-lit" category. That being said I think this latest installment of the Shopaholic series was really pretty good. I have heard the complaints that this story doesn't really show us anything new, but then do we really want it to be all that different from the series we have grown to love?

Rebecca is as financially inept as ever and seems to have no real concern about teaching her daughter, Minnie, to be any better. That being said I was very interested in how Becky has changed as she has taken that step into motherhood. And this is the one point where I was let down a little bit. See becoming a mother myself changed me greatly, and I just didn't really see that with Becky. Then again doesn't every mother wish she never changed after having kids?

The book had some great moments where I really just laughed and laughed, especially at the beginning and the Santa scene. Another of my favorite moments happened with Brandon's mother, Elanor. I enjoyed the scenes when she was working with Minnie on puzzles because the image to me was funny, since I have a pretty good image of her in my mind after the previous encounters with her in other stories.

Seeing Elanor's mothering side for once was also a great treat for me. I like characters to have depth, and this added a side to her character that really helped to fill her out. I am not sure I really love her yet, but I can appreciate her more and understand a little bit about why she is the way she is. She is the example of how pride can be a horrible trait. There is a point at which pride keeps you from being able to enjoy life and that is not a good thing.

I don't think this should be your first Sophie Kinsella read but if you are into the Shopaholic series you should be pleased with this addition. It most definitely left me wanting another addition, I hope there will be another one!

Mini Shopaholic

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