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Below are my affiliate links to some of my favorites from the past few years:

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And a list of my favorite book reviews

  • Red Queen : I am not sure why, but this book hooked me fast and I am anxiously waiting for the rest of the series to be published.
  • Praying for Boys : This book is a must have for all moms of boys.  No matter how old they are, seriously.  
  • The Miner's Lady : Over the years I've been offered many Christian books to review, and they have been good, but this one stands out.  It had great characters and was simply fun to read. 
  • Women Living Well : I've been following Courtney for years as she shares her relationship with God in an effort for women to grow in their own relationship.  This book was simply great!
  • Child Training Bible : This isn't exactly a book, it's a tool to use with your child's bible, but trust me, it has changed our lives over here. Disciplining has changed as we all learn with every sin committed. 
  • Shepherding a Child's Heart : I got so much out this book that I wrote a five part series on it!

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