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As a Christian mom and wife, my take on books is unique. This perspective leads to the opinions I form. This is also why I am so grateful for a wonderful community of others who love books because we were not created to be alone – community is essential.

Reading List has a wide variety of book reviews, as I simply love to read. Here’s a sampling of a variety of reviews you can find here.

Christian Fiction                                            Group Studies
Christian Non-Ficition                                    Devotionals
Children’s books                                            

And now that you are feeling comfortable with Reading List, why not join the community?  Every Thursday there is a link up for family friendly posts of all kinds, new or old. The hop opens every Thursday and runs through the weekend. It’s the perfect way for us all to grow as a community.

As long as you have a love for words, and the stories that illustrate worlds for others, this is a great place for you to be.
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I just wanted to say that all of the books that I am writing about are simply books that I read and wanted to share my thoughts on. What is written are my own thoughts and opinions. Any comments left by others are their own thoughts - I only ask that each person tries to be polite and not offensive in their comments, as all readers are free to decide if they like a book or not and the reasons for such an opinion.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued new rules that went into effect on December 1, 2009. These rules state that product reviewers on blogs  must disclose whether they received review products for free or received monetary payment for such reviews. The books I review on this site, as of March 2012, have all been books I have purchased or borrowed through the public library, and have not received any payment to review them. If I review a book that I received in order to review I will say so at the end of that particular review. And I will also state when posts have affiliate links or if I review anything in exchange for a review.

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