Sorority, a glimpse into life : A Book Review & Discussion - Reading List

Sorority, a glimpse into life : A Book Review & Discussion

Friday, May 04, 2018

Book Review & Discussion of Sorority by Genevieve Sly Crane on Reading List

A few weeks back I shared a new book I was given the honor of reading and sharing with you all.  I mentioned I was excited because I was one of the sorority girls in college.  Maybe I wasn't the big party type or the drinking type... but the thing about sororities is that they can appeal to all types of girls and they allow for a baseline to build friendships on.

Once you are out of the world of school you realize just how hard it is to build new friendships. You aren't spending your days with the same people all the time.  There is more and more competition in the workplace, and everyone seems to be on their race track.  At least sororities give those "sisters" a boundary on where to focus their social time...  Of course they have their downfalls, but all organizations run by people do.  Right?

Anyway, this book was a different read for me, as it's more of a literary work, looking into characters, and ideas; less focused on plot advancement.

Book Review & Discussion of Sorority by Genevieve Sly Crane on Reading List


Genevieve Sly Crane

Story Overview 

This short book reads like a collection of short stories and gives glimpses into different girls' lives as they deal with the truth of life.  How are they all connected?  One sorority, that has to deal with the unexpected death of a sister. 

While sororities are full of rumors and secrets it's easy to forget that each member is her own unique person, simply trying to find her way in the world for the first time.  These characters each struggle with different hot-button topics, anorexia, bulimia, cutting, pregnancy, same-sex attraction, drugs, and more. But since they are all "sisters" they have unspoken rules to stay together, as sisters... of course, that doesn't keep the bickering from occurring. 

Personal Likes

I enjoyed the variety of characters.  Seeing that each girl is different and unique, and dealing with her set of problems while trying to find a way to be part of the group was interesting.

It was also nice to read something that focused on character development first, in a more literary fashion instead of throwing into a fast-moving plot. In fact, this story doesn't really have a major plot... maybe some twists... but... well it's not your typical book.

Book Review & Discussion of Sorority by Genevieve Sly Crane on Reading List

Personal Dislikes

I wish there would have been a character that was focused on school... getting good grades, graduating, and getting a job. Sure, college offers tons of life experiences, and fun, and such... but in the end, all those kids who are piling up mounds of debt, are hoping to get a degree and a job. Right?

Also, the transitions between characters/chapters were clunky.  It made for a slow read, as I would put it down between every chapter and with no plot to be curious over, well there wasn't much motivation to pick it back up.

Reading List Rating

Three heart rating on Reading List

I'm giving this a three heart rating because while I enjoyed it, I doubt I'll read it again.  It was a fun different perspective on a part of the college world that isn't touched upon often, but it could have been better... 

My Suggested Audience

I think those who were in a sorority could find this interesting.  It's fun to compare your experiences to how others see sororities - a chance to see a different vantage is one of the best reasons to read a book.

As far as age, probably college-aged, or older.  There are some seriously heavy topics in this book, and while it fits the setting and the point of the story, it might not appeal to younger audiences strictly because of those topics.  And of course, those topics can be serious triggers for people...

I wish I could say this would appeal to many, but I'm not sure it would.  

Wondering Questions to Consider

The one plus to books that bring up so many controversial topics (cutting, eating disorders, drug overdoses, abuse, etc) is that it allows for conversations to start. So there are many great doors to walk through and have a good discussion...

Like why do so many people join sororities & fraternities each year?  Is it really simply because they want to "buy friendships" or is more than that?  Do people realize that their need to be inside a set of boundaries allows them to feel safe to experience more opportunities in the long run?

There have been studies about that... The idea that kids who have playgrounds that have fences around them feel safer and therefore play more freely compared to kids who play on a playground with no borders... Could organizations like sororities be similar boundaries for college kids?

Book Review & Discussion of Sorority by Genevieve Sly Crane on Reading List

What are your thoughts on literary fiction like this were the focus is not on the plot so much as the characters?  Were you in a sorority? If so, why?  Any thoughts on the idea of the defined borders of a fence? 

I'd love to hear from you, please leave me a little note!

Marissa @ Reading List

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