Ten (ish) Book Titles that Stump Autocorrect - Reading List

Ten (ish) Book Titles that Stump Autocorrect

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Autocorrect Book Title Fails - book titles that stump autocorrect - top ten tuesday on Reading List

It is hard to believe only a decade ago people walked around without a phone in their pockets. Granted, for those first years I was against it completely - I only had a cell phone after I got my drivers license, and then it was only for emergencies... and that lasted until I was a junior in college.  I didn't get my first real "smart phone" until I was well into my twenties... and don't ask my when I finally switched to Apple - my mom still pokes fun at that switch.   But this is slightly off topic...

I want to talk about the lovely autocorrect that has taken the place of our brains.

Autocorrect Book Title Fails - book titles that stump autocorrect - top ten tuesday on Reading List

Back in grade school I struggled with spelling, partly because I am dyslectic but also because I had to work hard at learning anything... so when I realized that the marvelous Microsoft Word would "auto correct" my spelling I was hooked. Any one else remember that feeling?  Knowing that as long as you could guess closely while typing the amazingly smart computer brain would make up for anything your brain lacked?  Well you know that spiral, because it's so easy to go down.

Anyway, when the marvelousness of this computer genius advanced to my "smart phone" and it merged with it's lovely cousin "voice to type" my issues were solved...

Yeah, you know that is a total lie... there is no way you use your smart phone for anything and not know the evil mastermind that is autocorrect. This sassy devil makes us all sound uneducated and crazy daily...

So today, I am bringing you 10 (or so) popular book titles that stump the devil, also known as autocorrect, every single time!

Titles that Stump Autocorrect

  • Illuminae
  • Gemina
  • Obsidio - seriously, when authors are so amazing that they even create words to title their books with... well autocorrect... you have been outsmarted by the genius that is the writing team of Kauffman and Kristoff.
  • Geekerella - Why can't such a "smart" device realize that this merging of two works is actually cuter this way? Seriously now, use that "smart" binary brain of yours autocorrect.
  • Wintersong - Again, the genius that is the marrying of two common words to create a unique title (this isn't a new thing...) out smarts these expensively "smart" extra appendages we all pay so dearly for.
  • RoseBlood - Here is a great example of how capitalization is a serious thing for the rule-stickler autocorrect.
  • Bunheads - To prove my point of the two words merging practice being common for titles... isn't there a way to code that???
  • Nevernight
  • Godsgrave - Because this has to be Kristoff's MO - create puzzling titles that human brains can latch on to and love, but that technology hates just to make some unknown point (did you notice he has five books on this list???)
  • Warcross I forgot to add this one in before....
  • Ready Player One - Alright, so these words do not usually trip up basic autocorrect - but those fancy grammar checks seem to hate this popular title for who knows what reason - actually I'm sure it has to do with punctuation... but titles have different rules... well according to some grammar rules. ((insert puzzled and confused emoji girl here))

Call out to hosts

Thank you, The Broke & the Bookish for this fun weekly prompt and chance to interact with the Bookish Blogger community. 

Did that short little list jog your mind on different words, phrases, titles, sayings, that for whatever reason autocorrect despises?  I mean the times we create side-splitting moments of laughter from autocorrect during the day remind us that "smart" phones are not smart. That humans are smarter than any piece of technology could every hope to be!  Right?

Autocorrect Book Title Fails - book titles that stump autocorrect - top ten tuesday on Reading List

All that being said... leave a comment about one of those moments when you laughed so hard you hurt all because autocorrect decided he was smarter than you!  Seriously, let's get our laughs in today. 

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