Bookstagram challenge for a changing season... - Reading List

Bookstagram challenge for a changing season...

Monday, August 21, 2017

Bookstagram Challenge September 2017 - Instagram Monthly Photo Challenge

Can you smell Autumn yet?  I love the sun, but the scents of Autumn are my favorite... the change of the season is just so amazing...

And since it's almost a new month, it's time to start talking about September's bookstagram challenge.

This month was a bit crazy, so our challenge is a little different.  We are taking a break from some of the more involved prompts, but we will bring back some folding prompts next time, I promise.  Feel free to do as many of these prompts as you want, jump in, jump out... just make sure to use the hashtag so we can see your lovely photos!

We changed up some of our game days to tag days, so on those days feel free to join in the fun and tag some of your friends to join us. 

I hope you will join in... just follow me on Instagram and check it out! And please follow my lovely co-hosts - they are super sweet, you will love them, I promise!

Natelle: Tall_Telle_Tells_Tales
Megan: Wonderland_Holds_My_Heart
Alice: Alice_in_her_bookland

Bookstagram Challenge September 2017 - Instagram Monthly Photo Challenge

September Book Photo Challenge


  1.          TBR – top two books you want to read this month.
    2.       #Shelfie – show of your books in their home on your bookshelf.
    3.       Author Appreciation – pick an author you love and tell us all why.
    4.       Game Day – show off your last five-star read and share the plot in emojis (you know this is my favorite prompt)
    5.       Tower of Dawn release day – gush over your favorite fantasy books
    6.       Current Read with your favorite bookmark
    7.       Books & Candles
    8.       Ebook love
    9.       #ireadeverywhere take a chance to share your favorite reading spot
    10.   Dream pet – What would your dream pet be? Real or not… gush away…
    11.   Tag Time: #unpopularopinon tag share your own thoughts, or join in the tag
    a.       A popular book/series you didn’t like:
    b.      A book/series everyone didn’t like, but you did:
    c.       Love triangle where the main character picked the one you didn’t like:
    d.      Popular genre you don’t enjoy:
    e.      Popular character you didn’t like:
    f.        A popular author you don’t like:
    g.       Popular series you just aren’t interested in:
    h.      Movie you enjoyed more than the book:
    12.   Fandoms – here’s your chance to gush like crazy.
    13.   Positive Books
    14.   Coloring Books – show off some of those fancy coloring books – we know you have them!
    15.   #FunkoFriday or share another bookish extra
    16.   National Stepfamily day: share a book with a nontraditional family you just love
    17.   #socksunday or #nosocksunday
    18.   Tag Time: #booksandpizzatag inspired by the lovely Fictionandfiber
    a.       Cheese pizza – favorite book as a kid
    b.      Combo pizza -  book with a diverse cast of characters
    c.       Margherita pizza – book with a beautiful setting
    d.      All meat pizza- book with the best male characters
    e.      Chicken alfredo pizza – book that you thought you wouldn’t like but did
    f.        Frozen pizza -  book you read really fast
    g.       Dessert pizza – book with a great friendship
    h.      Pepperoni pizza – book that will always pull you out of a reading slump
    19.   International Talk like a Pirate Day – show of those pirate books and stories.
    20.   #booksnotbullies – blue books – spread some bookstagram love today
    21.   #whattoread – share an underappreciated book for us to add to our TBR
    22.   Hobbit Day – Join in the fun and show of your Tolkien books
    23.   International Rabbit Day – Let’s gush over Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit…
    24.   Book & Drink – what is your go to fall-ish drink?
    25.   Comic Book Day – Let’s gush over those comic books
    26.   Johnny Appleseed Day – Let’s gush over those American Classics you love
    27.   Overhyped books – what books just did not live up to the hype?
    28.   Ask a stupid question day: Tag Time: let’s try a “This or That” tag:
    a.       Read on the sofa, or in bed?
    b.      Male or Female protagonist?
    c.       Sweet or Salty reading snack?
    d.      Trilogies or longer series?
    e.      First-person or third-person POV?
    f.        Read at night or in the morning?
    29.   Book Haul – show off all your new books and bookish merch so we can gush over it!
    30.   Wrap up – share the books you read this month with your star rating

Bookstagram Challenge September 2017 - Instagram Monthly Photo Challenge

What do we need to gush over in October?? Share your ideas in the comments!

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