For the Love of a Cover Buy - Reading List

For the Love of a Cover Buy

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Cover Buy Love - Top Ten Tuesday on Reading List with Marissa Writes

After years of blogging, I have decided to change it up a bit.  I have to admit that books are my passion, and helping other people find their favorite books so they can uncover a real love for reading, is my mission in writing this blog.  There are so many books out there and not nearly enough time to sift through to find great books, at least for those who are not giant fans of reading.  So here goes a new chapter of my blog!

For the last few months I've been enjoying all the bookstagrammers on Instagram, and as a result, have found some wonderful new book-blogging buddies, and want to join in some of the fun they are having on here.  So here goes!  I'm going to try to join in on Top Ten Tuesdays with The Broke & the Bookish group. If you happen to stop by because of this group, please, PLEASE, leave me a note at the bottom so I can search you out.  I honestly love chatting books with other bookish people.

And if you are here because you've been following along all these years, I hope you enjoy hearing a bit more of my thoughts and opinions on books of all genres.  Of course, I would love to hear from you too!

I am all about picking up a book based on its cover.... but I don't tend to read books based on a cover... it's just the starting point.  Let's be honest, there are just so many books you have to start somewhere right!  So gorgeous covers are where I start...

Cover Buy Love - Top Ten Tuesday on Reading List with Marissa Writes

Top Ten Amazing Covers on My Personal Bookshelf (or Dream Bookshelf)

  1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by JRR Tolkien   Allow me to be more specific, the movie release edition with all three books as one book.  The detail in this image is amazing.  Since I am usually not a fan of movie release covers, this is a huge surprise, but I love this one!
  2. The Selection by Keira Cass  What can say?  These are clearly aimed at young girls, but don't all girls at some level wish they had some reason to wear over the top dresses and be a princess, even if it's just once?  These covers are girly to the extreme, and yet I totally picked up the series years ago because of those dresses. 
  3. The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski  These covers are a wonderful blend of feminine beauty and strength... the over the top lavish dresses with a weapon in the girl's hand, or nearby, are amazing... and it sets the stage for the story perfectly... but no spoilers!
  4. Storm Siren by Mary Weber     Surprise, surprise, another trilogy... I'm thinking they have better budgets for series covers... or something... Anyway, these are covers you need to see in person to appreciate because the cover jacket art shimmers in certain angles, but not others, which works so well with the journey of the MC. 
  5. Heartless by Marissa Meyer     While the dust jacket is beautiful... and I got an exclusive white version... the true beauty is beneath.  The actual cover of this book is amazing... it's colorful and detailed... I could just run my hands over it... Many years from now, I hope this book is featured on some bookcase in a museum and people are attracted to its beauty because honestly, it's amazing.
  6. Caraval by Stephanie Garber     This is another one that can be overlooked online. Granted the UK version is much better than the US version... if you get the chance to pick.  But again the holographic elements in parts of the dust jacket really do add to the mystic of this one. 
  7. Ash & Bramble by Sarah Prineas   What girl isn't drawn to a lovely dress and shoes? I mean really...
  8. Roseblood by AG Howard    I have to include this one because the use of the Phantom of the Opera mask on the cover drew me before I knew anything about this book. Even before there were comments around the internet, this cover grabbed me. 
  9. These Broken Stars by Amiee Kaufman    Alright, so I'm cheating, this is only on my to-read Goodreads list... but it's only there because of the cover... I'm not sure I'll actually pick it up... but it is stunning...
  10. Beauty & the Beast: Lost in a Book by Jennifer Donnelly   So this cover and book are strictly around because they are movie merchandise, which means the story isn't going to be amazing in the grand scheme of things... but I have honestly picked this book up at the store at least 10 times and it's only been out for a short while.  The idea of actually getting to travel through a book... well do I need to go on?

I'm so glad you let me babble on about book covers!  There are so many options... but I try to pick good stories over good covers... 

Top Ten Tuesday Community

Thank you, The Broke & the Bookish for this fun weekly prompt and chance to interact with the Bookish Blogger community. 

I know too many bloggers are underappreciated for the time they spend on their "hobbies" but I appreciate you!  If you would like to take part in Top Ten Tuesday at any time check out their prompts, but you are always invited to make the prompts your own!

Cover Buy Love - Top Ten Tuesday on Reading List with Marissa Writes

What was the last cover buy you made? Was it a good book? Have you even read it?

*** Are you interested in buying any of these books?  If you are, I'd be incredibly grateful if you used my Amazon Affiliate link, which is right here!  It doesn't cost you more!  The linked books above will take you to Goodreads to get more of a review on the books before you buy... this link is where you buy!

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  1. Caraval has such a beautiful cover. I see why so many have bought a copy.

    1. It is gorgeous! And the UK covers and even more amazing... it looks great on a bookshelf to say the least.

  2. Covers always influence my purchase or library borrowing. Of course, may popular books end up with multiple cover designs as new editions are printed...and sometimes covers are different country to country.

    I was so hoping you would include images of your favorite covers!

    1. I know! I was trying to find a way to get them on here in a small way... and then life took over and wow... where does time go??? But I do share these on instagram all the time ;) And of course Goodreads... I'll figure out these top 10 lists soon... maybe...


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