Read Gush May - A Photo Challenge for Instagram - Reading List

Read Gush May - A Photo Challenge for Instagram

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Instagram Photo Challenge for May 2017

Can you believe May is practically here?

I'm in shock to be honest... life is getting more busy and full as the weather is nicer... and since we are all getting tight on time, we've decided to change up our challenge.

For now, there is only one folding prompt... so this challenge just got a lot easier!

We are keeping our Game Days! So when you pick your answer, it can't mimic another person's in the comments... so you know if someone picks your favorite, search through all of us hosts to find a picture where you can claim your favorite... It'll be so fun... I cannot wait to see what you all pick for the game days...

Feel free to jump in and out of the challenge if life gets busy, we understand.  We are doing a ton of fun intereactive "gushing" this month, so this is a great opportunity to grow your IG community and make new friends!

I hope you will join in... just follow me on Instagram and check it out! And please follow my lovely co-hosts - they are super sweet, you will love them, I promise!

Natelle: Tall_Telle_Tells_Tales
Megan: Wonderland_Holds_My_Heart
Alice: Alice_in_her_bookland

Read Gush May - Instagram Photo Challenge

May Book Photo Challenge


  1. TBR - What two books do you most want to read this month?
  2.  ACOWAR Release - Gush with us!  What fictional "inner circle" is your favorite? (Don't limit yourself to SJM books... if you want...)
  3. Book & Bookmark - Gush with us! Show off your favorite bookmark! (Don't forget to tag the designer if they have a shop!)
  4. May the Fourth Be with You - Gush with us on all things Star Wars!
  5. Favorite Author - Gush with us about your all time favorite author... or your current favorite author...
  6. National Beverage Day - Gush with us... What is your favorite mug or cup? (Don't forget to tag the designer if they have a shop!)
  7. Bookish quotes - Gush with us... what is your all time favorite bookish quote... or quote from any book you love.
  8. Game Day - Pick a fictional best friend... but read through the comments, because you cannot pick a character that has already been picked... and to be fair, only pick one! 
  9. JM Barrie's Birthday - Gush with us... about Hook & Peter Pan...
  10. Clean up your room day - Gush with us about a book, or book series, that is worth staying up all night to binge read...
  11. Favorite Bookstores - Gush with us over your place to go and buy books... an actual store... if you have a super cute local place, get a picture... and don't forget to tag them!
  12. Adaptations - Gush with us over your favorite movie adaptations... or the worst ones...
  13. Spread the love - Gush with us... Gush over some of your favorite bookstagrammer, take a picture inspired by your fav's aesthetic
  14. #SockSunday or #noSockSunday either way let us gush over your favorite socks, or nail polish, or flip-flops, or sandals...
  15. L. Frank Baum's Birthday - Gush with us over your favorite magical world!
  16. #Bookflip or #Bookishflip 
  17. Book & Candles - Gush with us over your favorite bookish candles!  (Don't forget to tag the store!)
  18. Game Day - Pick who you think is the worst villain - but read through the comments, because you cannot pick a character that has already been picked... and to be fair, only pick one!
  19.  May Ray Day - Show us your favorite place to read outside... 
  20. Illustrations - Gush with us over some illustrated books... or fan art that should be in books, show off those prints you have hiding! (Don't forget to tag the store or artist!)
  21. Chapter Titles - Gush with us over chapter titles!
  22. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Gush with us over Sherlock Holmes, or your favorite crime solving stories!
  23. DIY props - Show off your favorite homemade prop... we want to gush over them!
  24. Blue Book #booksnotbullies - Gush on "smaller" bookstagrammers today! Thank you @notthepathtonarnia @thesqueakycupboard @katielmae @katyslibrary & @the.bibliofiles for starting this wonderful hashtag - let's keep it going! 
  25. #TBT picture books - Gush with us over your favorite picture books from your childhood  because it was Margaret Wise Brown's birthday this week...
  26. Game Day - Thank you @tsundokugirl for this one! #bookishsnogmarrykill   Tell us who you would: kiss/snog, marry, kill... but read through the comments, and pick characters that haven't been listed... Good luck!
  27. #ShelfieSaturday
  28. Bookish Crown - Gush with us... who are your favorite bookish royal characters?
  29.  Pretty Cover - Gush with us over some pretty covers!
  30. #bookfoldinglove - you know we had to do one paper folding... and since book folding helps save books from destruction, join us in our monthly book folding!  If you want to see the instruction videos here's a link, and here's a link to some amazing patterns, that are free!
  31. Wrap Up - Gush over your favorite read this month, and tell us how many books you read, or listened to!

Do you want some ideas for DIY paper folding props? Stop by our pinterest board to see some of the great paper folding we've done in the past!

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Do you have some ideas on things we can gush over next month?  Let us know!

Marissa Writes

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  1. This looks fun. I love Instagram challenges! Great topic too!

    1. They are fun! I know you and your kids read a bunch of books, this might be a fun way to add some pictures to your reading time ;)

  2. Hi Marissa. This is such a cool game. I'm going to jump in here on day 9. Gushing about Peter Pan and Hook. I haven't read many books on them but I have watched several of the movies. I think Hook is my favorite movie. I love the lost boys though ha ha ha their fun loving mischievous adventure yet they have an innocence and naivety that makes them lovable.
    (Hope I did this right lol)

    1. Thanks Ailie! I love Peter Pan retellings! They are great, and so much to work with! And I love how you jumped in with your comment. This is also a great way to grow your Instagram account. If decide that Instagram is a platform you want to grow on, these are daily prompts for photos and things to talk about... you will quickly find a large audience there that is friendly and ready to engage!


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