Read Fold Luck: A March Photo Challenge - Reading List

Read Fold Luck: A March Photo Challenge

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Oh my, how did February zoom by?  It's almost March!

And that means, it's time for a new photo challenge on Instagram. And this one is especially for all of you bookstagramers out there. Did you follow along last month?  If not, feel free to start now!

Each day there is a different prompt, so you can join in the fun. Some times, like last month,  we have paper folding prompts. The links can be found below, feel free to do them, or interrupt them in way you want!

But, we also decided to change things up a bit this month.

First of all, we have two new co-hosts!! Yay!

And, because there are a ton of great monthly challenges out there, we wanted to make it easier to mesh this with others, so most days the prompt is just a Question of the Day (QOTD).  Just answer the question!  Feel free to feature your answers through books, but this should also help you all to fit this super fun challenge into your month. 

I hope you will join in... just follow me on Instagram and check it out! And please follow my lovely co-hosts - they are super sweet, you will love them, I promise!

Natelle: Tall_Telle_Tells_Tales
Megan: Wonderland_Holds_My_Heart
Alice: Alice_in_her_bookland

Read Fold Luck a monthly photo challenge for March 2017

March Book Photo Challenge


  1. TBR - what are you hoping to read this month? Give us titles, or just a number... 
  2. Dr Seuss’ Birthday QOTD: What is your favorite Dr Seuss book, character, or story? Don't forget to get a Dr Seuss book in your picture... or maybe a quote...
  3. Unrequited Love: Folding Prompt: Try one of these paper hearts
  4. International Pancake day: Book & Breakfast: Folding Prompt: create your own cup, or maybe create your whole breakfast?? 
  5. Sock Sunday: QOTD: Do you paint your toenails? Or ignore them completely?
  6. Megan’s Birthday! Aquamarine & Blue Books: Folding Prompt: Check out these super easy jewels to fold! (there's a free template to print if you want!)
  7. Middle Name Day: QOTD: What is your middle name? How about find a book with a character who has three names??
  8. QOTD: Would you rather own only hardback or paperback books?
  9. Panic Day: QOTD: What makes you panic? Do you panic over losing books?
  10. Books & Stars: Folding prompt: Share a book you wish was a movie, and cast it with your fav actors (oh and here's a link to super simple paper stars)
  11. #ShelfieSaturday – add in any of the previous paper folding projects you’ve done!
  12. Arbor Day – Folding Prompt: fold a paper tree, use old books pages, or newspaper pages to create one of these lovely flowers and you know, "save a tree"
  13. Boycott Monday: Stay in bed, or in your pjs and read!! Share your current read with us
  14. Pi day: Folding Prompt: try this little paper Pi and while your at it... QOTD: What are your thoughts on math? Are you a math person?
  15. Pie: QOTD: what is your favorite kind of pie? Find books with food on the cover
  16. Inflated Ego: QOTD: Which character with an over-inflated ego would you spend a week with on a deserted island? 
  17. St Patrick’s Day: Folding Prompt: check out this quick paper Shamrock idea & share your green books
  18. Awkward day: QOTD: Share an awkward moment with us... & then share an awkward book, or character you just love
  19. Book Spiral: QOTD: Would you rather only read during the day or during the night?
  20. National Alien Abduction Day: Folding Prompt: Create this adorably odd Alien, and share some space-like books!
  21. National Puppy Day: Folding Prompt: Check out this cute little puppy to fold. And maybe share a pic with your furry friend, or with an animal sidekick... 
  22. International Goof Off Day – Share some humor books... And maybe your favorite joke...
  23. Aries: Paper Folding: Hot Air Balloons (pick an easier option, or a more challenging one!) and let's share some adventurous books as Aries are full of adventure (or so I've been told)
  24. Book & Bookmark: Folding prompt: Check out some of these great bookmark ideas (option 1, option 2 , option 3, option 4) or just share your all time favorite bookmark
  25. Share the love – give some extra love to some bookstagrammers- free shout outs, or do a photo in the style of your favorites
  26. Fandom: show your favorite fandom…any fandom at all will do! QOTD: What is your favorite Fandom, and why?
  27. Book folding – fold a new book art, or use one from last month.. this is the perfect opportunity to save a book that would otherwise be thrown out... (Be prepared, this one takes a bit of time... but you will love it, I promise!!) Here is the long video tutorials... you probably don't need to watch them all... and here is a great site to get a ton of FREE templates, or guides...
  28. QOTD: What is your all-time favorite author? Which book?? 
  29. QOTD: Would you rather read only short books, or only long books? : share the type of book you pick! Let's see your favs
  30. Humorous female characters: Share some books that have your favorite funny female characters
  31. Wrap Up- share the books you read, and all the great new paper folding creations you made

If you are looking for some extra ideas, or an easier option, or more details, feel free to stop by my pinterest board... or search for your own!  There are so many great paper folding projects around, feel free to add to any of the prompts you want!

Share this on Twitter with your followers! 

I know that the folding prompts can be intimidating, so feel free to ask me any questions you want! But I really hope I see your attempts on Instagram... I'll be trying as many as I can, too! Oh, and if we get enough questions, we will live stream tutorials on the folding prompts too, so make sure you are following all of us to get updates throughout the month.

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