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Where does courage come from?

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Fear Fighting: Awakening Courage to Overcome Your Fears

Kelly Balarie

I have grown up with the media gaining more and more space in the daily routines of everyone I know. Between the boom in internet and technologies, and the abilities to have 24/7 news streamed in, I have never really known what it means to wait for information. While this could be seen as a great thing, I have started to disagree.

The world is big, huge, full of people who are living their lives and dealing with their own challenges. And when we see so much of the world all the time, we can feel the weight of everyone, everywhere. All of that extra causes so much tension and anxiety for so many, that fear of the what ifs can run rampant. I have felt it in my life when something spins out of control on the other side of the world, I slowly feel the weight added to my shoulders, and then my own little world becomes stressed. And knowing each day, if I click on anything, I might start feeling more can lead to a type of fear that is hard to control.

But I do... I choose what comes on my screens, I choose how often those screens will be on, and I can leave a great deal of that fear behind.

I know that isn't always the reality - fear can tumble out of control down a snowy path of what ifs turning into a snowball even the abominable snowman couldn't withstand.

If you at all have the slightest understanding about what I am poorly rambling about, then please take a moment to bookmark, pin, or save this post - you will want this one - I know you will!

Fear Fighting by Kelly Balarie a Book Review on Reading List

Story Overview 

Dealing with fear is a daily thing, and for many, the ability to hide it has become as easy as breathing. Yet, that talent doesn't help one live a full life, to experience the joys of life, and to push beyond the first step of the unknown to see the glorious treasures hidden beyond. Kelly Balarie eloquently shares how fear has often seeped deep into her life, and how she grabs a hold of an anchor to steady her in the murky unknown. 

This book is full of encouragement from Kelly. She shares her personal experiences, as well as the anchor of others who have pulled through challenges in daily life, with fear whispering their name, in order to see the glorious treasures on the other side. 

Personal Likes

There is so much to like!!  My first point here is that Kelly has broken down each chapter with main points to grasp, so if you are short on time, can start with scanning in the big points, and then if anything resonates go back through and read more.  So great, right?

And while fear is something that is part of life, I mean fight or flight right? - she reminds us it's not about never feeling fear, it's about taking steps to hold steadfast to an Anchor that will carry us through the worst of it. These points about latching on to God's steadfastness are actionable steps that you can start in your life right away. And many more points are simply words of encouragement from one fear fighting woman to another, just to remind you that even though you might hide your fears in deep, you are not alone in the battle.

Fear Fighting by Kelly Balarie a Book Review on Reading List

Personal Dislikes

I felt like it was a little long... maybe it's because for me, in this stage of life, fear isn't my biggest hurdle. The encouragement was nice, the ideas were fantastic, but I started to lose interest around the halfway point.

Also, the study is 12 weeks long. And that is a long time! I have become a fan of the quick studies - studies are important as they help us to learn how to lean on each other for support in the hard times, and give support in the good times. But keeping people interested for that length of time on a topic can be difficult.  But the points of the study (which are printed at the end of every single copy, nothing extra required) are very nice and helpful.

Reading List Rating

Four Heart Rating on Reading List

I'm going with a four heart rating.  I could not find very many faults in this at all. The ability to see into another's life enough to see how she battles with the enemy, and fear, was great.  

My Suggested Audience

Alright, so this is a book for women - I know that men deal with fear too, but this one doesn't touch on that, apologies. And while this could be used to help encourage any woman struggling, I think it speaks best to women who are at least living on their own. If you are not a believer of Jesus, this book might be a bit hard to swallow, as you need to know Jesus and be willing to reach out to Him if you want the action steps to work at all... but then again... this might just be perfect book if you aren't sure if you know Jesus yet...

Also, if you enjoyed War Room, or any of the study books that followed that up (Fervent... etc) you will probably really enjoy this book. 

Wondering Questions to Consider

After reading books like this I am always caught up thinking about other people... how much is that woman at the drinking fountain hiding from the world today? Is that lady sitting at the table scrolling through her phone wishing she wasn't alone?  And think that might be part of the point... our lives are private, and many parts of it should remain private (no over-sharing on SM people!) but since we are all living a private life, we are all dealing with issues and challenges. We need to be a little more respectful of that. Look up a bit when you walk through a store. Smile at people. You never know what fear they are trying to overcome, or challenge they are walking through.

What you dwell around will before long dwell in you. #FearFightingBook @kellybalarie @Reading_List1

How do you go about dealing with fear? Does fear seep into your thoughts when you least expect it? When you go about your day, do you even notice the other people around you?

I'd love to hear from you, please leave me a little note!

Marissa @ Reading List

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