Read Fold Love... A merging of Instagram & Pinterest - Reading List

Read Fold Love... A merging of Instagram & Pinterest

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Read Fold Love

I am a huge fan of wasting time scrolling through Pinterest.  I spend more time than I care to admit checking out other's projects and dreaming of how I could someday incorporate this and that into my life.  I pin and like and share... but I really just do that.  

I do not often actually do any of the projects I pin. 

Over the past few months, my Pinterest time has shifted some to Instagram. The community of book lovers (check out bookstagram!!) is so lively and fun. There isn't a need to one-up each other, just a sharing of books and words and fiction and reading.  It's a great place to let go of the crazy that gobbles up so much of social media... seriously if you have lost your hope in humanity because of social media you want to at least check it out...

One of the best parts is that I have I met some awesome new book loving friends!  And one of those friends has agreed to help me with this fun February Bookstagram Photo Challenge!


So we gathered up some fun looking paper folding & origami ideas to keep the challenge inexpensive... and below is a breakdown of what your challenge is every day.  

I hope you will join in... just follow me on Instagram and check it out!

Read Fold Love photo challenge

February Book Photo Challenge

  1. TBR - so according to some calendar, today is "work naked day" and in honor of that, share your TBR for February without their jackets on... Naked book tours, or piles... 
  2. Groundhog Day - green & brown books ... will winter be over soon?
  3. Pastels - Books & flowers... here's your first paper folding project!!  Follow this link to make some paper flowers to feature with your pastel books!! #booksandflowers 
  4. #BooksandStars - follow this link to sure cute paper stars to feature in your picture today... 
  5. Last book you read - And if you are ambitious here's a fun paper folding option to make a little book
  6. Books that give you butterflies - follow this link to create your own paper butterfly to feature in your picture with those books that just give you butterflies  
  7.  Books & Letters - It's send a Card to a friend day... so take a moment and write a card to a friend and include some part of that in your picture!
  8. Fancy books - find books with fancy frilly covers, and then follow this link to create your own little paper dress!
  9. Amethyst - purple books & gems - try this link to fold your own gems
  10. Water - blue books & swans - follow this link and create some swans to set afloat your book lake
  11. Friends - what was the last book a friend recommended to you? Did you read it?
  12. #Booksandbows - what was the last book you gave to someone as a gift? Follow this link to create your own bow and feature it in your picture!
  13. #Booksandcandy - what is your favorite candy? Can you find a book with candy on the cover?? Or just add candy to your picture...
  14. Valentine's Day - #Bookandroses - no need for expensive flowers when you can make your own!!  Follow this link to create your own roses and then share your red, pink, & white books with them!
  15. Books & Hearts - which book just shattered your heart? Follow this link to fold up some paper hearts to help distract you from the reminder of that heartbreaking story
  16. Currently reading - follow this link and create your own bookmark for that current read
  17. Chapter 17
  18. Music and books - here's a fun little piano to add to your musical books
  19. Book folding - alright... now we are getting serious... find a book you don't mind folding a bit... and check out this video on how to create amazing book art! Let us see how it turns out!
  20. Books & Snow - even if there is no snow where you are, here's a fun paper folding project to create your own snowflakes
  21. Book crown 
  22. Book & candle
  23. It's be humble day - tell us some humble characters you just love! And here's another paper folded heart
  24. All time favorite book - and another adorable paper heart link
  25. Gift a bookstagramer - follow these links to create your own flower bouquet, and give a free shout out to a fellow bookstagrammer!
  26. Book folding take two... so this isn't easy but let's give it another try? Follow this link for more ideas... or just go back to the original video to give it another try! Don't forget to let us see!
  27. It's Tell a Fairy Tale Day - what is the best fairy tale retelling you've read?
  28. Wrap up... Feel free to make your own special paper folding feature... or share what you made for the month with all those books you read!!

If you are looking for some extra ideas, or an easier option, or more details, feel free to stop by my pinterest board... or search for your own!  

Feel free to leave a comment, or ask a question... but I really hope I see your attempts on Instagram... I'll be trying as many as I can

Marissa Writes

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