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Broken by the Sea {Review & Tour}

Monday, January 09, 2017

Return to Yesterday

Remnants of Yesterday 

(Broken by the Sea books 2& 3)

Ava Wood

I am already seeing that 2017 will be the year of completion for me... at least in a ton of book series... and maybe some other things... (it is only January... so who knows!)

But I am so excited to gush a little bit about this book series with you all.  A few months back I shared with you the first book, Forgetting Yesterday, and it was such a sweet story, I reached out the author, Ava, and just fan gushed over her books!  I had to get the rest of the series... I was hooked.

Luckily for me, Ava is super sweet and was kind enough to send me copies of book two and three, so I had plenty of time to read this and prepare for this book tour!!

So, if you haven't seen the first book review, click over to see it, and then come back.

Oh, and I'm probably going to break small spoilers, I just can't help it when I'm reviewing two books at once... but seriously, if you don't want to read spoilers, just jump over to Amazon and get yourself the series!!!

Now on to the review.

Broken by the Sea Trilogy book tour on Reading List

Story Overviews via Goodreads

Return to Yesterday

After Adam Miller walked out of Missy Shaw’s life her junior year, she thought her world had ended. With her father’s relentless drinking and Missy’s numerous empty relationships, she’s learned to live her life as a hollow shell. Never feeling seems a whole lot easier than opening herself up to the emotions that tear her apart. She’s made a comfortable life for herself, going to school, working, and spending her lonely nights in the arms of her co-worker, Marco.

Everything is going just the way she likes until graduation nears and Adam waltzes back into town on the arm of Lindsay Dumont. With a single look, all her feelings for him come flooding back and being hollow suddenly isn’t so easy. His return opens up old wounds that Missy fears may never heal. Scars she’s fought so hard to bury deep inside. When all of her old memories dangle in front of her, she’s forced to find a way to bury her feelings for Adam while holding onto what’s left of her heart.

Remnants of Yesterday

Missy Shaw has lived through her fair share of heartache and abuse, mostly at the hands of her own father. After finally taking a stand against her abusers, Missy is faced with a new dilemma when her father unexpectedly falls ill. Longing to take care of the man who’s never really been a father to her, she’s forced to make a difficult decision that could cause a cataclysmic collision with her past and her future.

Now that Adam Miller was a major fixture in Missy’s life, making those hard decisions shouldn’t be so difficult, but when Missy heads to Tampa for college and Adam returns to Kansas, she’s left feeling vulnerable and alone. Moving forward is harder than she imagined when the demons from her past continue to haunt her. 

In this gripping finale to the Broken by the Sea trilogy, find out if Missy is finally able to find her happy ending, or if the demons of her past become the nightmares of her future.

Personal Likes

Overall, I really enjoyed the reality of the time needed for Melissa to get a grip on her life. Growing up in such an abusive house with no idea of what actual healthy love was would result in some serious damage. The fact that such a life would need professional assistance, as well as a loving support system, was well done throughout the book. I really enjoyed how Mrs. Miller's own past helped to create such a safe haven for Missy. 

And while it was annoying at times to read, the reality of the green monster of jealousy sneaking into long distance relationships was nice to see. The mind games and the struggle are real, so the fact that Ava went there, and allowed the reader into the mental process of listening to the green monster, was good. 

Of course, the fact that I was already invested in Missy and Adam was a huge reason why I enjoyed this book, but honestly, if you read the first book, you will become invested in the story of the broken girl who still longs to get somewhere in life and the boy that falls in love with her during her journey. 

Broken by the Sea Trilogy book tour on Reading List

Personal Dislikes

I am always up for a good coming of age, love story - the kind that follows two people through the struggles of life and the journey to love. But I am not always a fan of trilogies just for trilogy sake. And, to me, this was a long three books. Yes, there are clear plot lines that are unique to each book, while all three are important to the overall ending, yet there was a good chunk of book two and three that dragged on and on while we wait for Missy and Adam to simply do some aging.

And well, the little subplot with Missy's aunt in the third book was really annoying and over the top. I am thinking it was there to fill out the final book. And by that point, I was ready for the end... again, just me... and pretty minor when you think about it.

Reading List Rating

four heart rating on reading list

I am giving this whole series four hearts. It was sweet, and exactly what I hoped for from the series. This is the perfect series for those who are fans of Nicholas Sparks and Hallmark movies. 

My Suggested Audience

This is certainly a YA Contemporary Romance. I would say it perfectly suited for those over sixteen, as there are serious life issues at the core of the book - drinking, abuse, neglect, romantic relationships, illness, death. The social & family issues in this book take most out their comfort zone to experience the life of one who was dealt a horrible hand in the family lottery. So for those who know the horrible reality of alcoholics, maybe this book would trigger too much. For those who do not know, this book will shine a light on what might be going on behind closed doors and give readers a glimpse of how much love kids have for their parents, even if it is not deserved.

That being said, this is the kind of book that parents should be aware of so that they might be available to talk about the issues with their teens.  The real tough conversations are important to have with our kids, and books like this are wonderful tools to get the ball rolling. 

Wondering Questions to Consider

After stories like these, readers should ask themselves about how we should treat each other who are struggling with serious life issues. Do we push people away just because we are hurting? Have we put together a solid support system of friends who will carry us during the hard times? Do we have a Source to lean into when our hope seems gone?

Are you struggling to find such a source? Do you know where to turn to?

"Blood wasn't what made someone family. Love did..." @btfl7 #booklovers @Reading_List1

When was the last time you picked up a book and just fell in love with the plight of the characters? How fast did you get your hand on the sequels? 

I'd love to hear from you, please leave me a little note!

Marissa @ Reading List


Broken by the Sea book tour on Reading List

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot... there is a giveaway with this book tour - I know you remembered... but see I was so excited about the story I got swept away.

I hope you win!

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