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Forgetting Yesterday {Book Review & Book Tour}

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Forgetting Yesterday 

Ava Wood

There are so many new books coming out every single day, it can be hard to decide which ones to pick up and read.  Since there are only so many hours in a day... right?  I'll be honest, it is so hard for me to decide!   And that is why I am so glad to have found a ton of other book fanatics that point out great new authors to try.  And while Ava Wood might not necessarily be a new author, she is certainly newer and could get lost in the sea of authors, so I hope you will check out this review at least.  And if you are interested, maybe stop over at another tour stop, and maybe, just maybe, add this sweet book to your to-read list!

Forgetting Yesterday by Ava Wood a book review on Reading List

Story Overview - Goodreads 

       Missy Shaw thought she had her life planned out perfectly; do well in school, take her basketball team to state, and get a free ride to college. Her life wasn't perfect, but it was constant. With her best friend Karley at her side, she could handle anything.
       After the death of her mother, however, her dad had other plans. Moving Missy from everything she knew in Kansas to the great unknown created a new set of problems. Attending a new school, all she really wanted was to be invisible, but that simple feat proved difficult when she had a run-in with the school's basketball star, Adam Miller, on her very first day.
       Adam is every girl's dream; charming, sweet, and gorgeous. And for some reason, he's very interested in Missy. His attentiveness is unnerving as Missy does everything in her power to evade his interest. Living with secrets she's not willing to share, Missy works to push Adam away in order to keep her family safe. But will keeping secrets really keep her safe?

Forgetting Yesterday by Ava Wood  a Book Review on Reading List

Personal Likes

This is a very raw story, and I appreciated that honest look into the life so many keep hidden behind closed doors.  Missy is in a horrible situation, one that no child should ever have to be in, yet this world is not always the sunshining happy place we hope for.  And yet, she continues to try. And isn't that all we can ask for?

I enjoyed the characters tremendously. Missy was well developed, as well as Adam.  While the story is told from Missy's perspective, there is still quite a bit of Adam's personality revealed.  I am hoping that the second book in the series gives us more on his life, as there is clearly more happening.

Forgetting Yesterday by Ava Wood a book review on Reading List

Personal Dislikes

I kept wishing that Karley would step up somehow.  While I get the reality of a teen girl not wanting to betray her best friend's confidence, it just seemed that she needed to tell someone what she knew.  Especially as her own family history with abuse became evident throughout the book, I wanted more from her character.

There were also some editing issues that distracted me from reading a few times, especially in the first third of the book. I understand this shouldn't be an issue, but it was obvious to me.  I always want to be honest in my dislikes, and editing, grammar, and formatting scream out to me, while others can just glide ride by it.

Reading List Rating

Four heart rating on Reading List

I am giving this book four hearts out of five.  I really enjoyed it, and I am hoping to get my hands on the second book in the series as soon as I can...  the cliffhanger in this one is surprising.  

My Suggested Audience

I would suggest this book to older teens, or at least mature teens, as the subject matter is realistic and heavy.  Stories that follow alcoholism and the physical abuse that is often involved in those around it, can be hard to get through because they hit close to home for so many.  There could be some trigger issues with people who have been affected by alcoholism or abuse of any kind, as well as those who are sensitive to deaths of parents. While I think Ava Wood did an excellent job of crafting the story and keeping it real enough, I know some would rather avoid such a real-life story.

Meet the Author

Ava Wood author - review on Reading ListAva Wood is an insomniac who writes to calm the voices. When the voices get too loud, stories are formed. 

Ava was born and raised in Texas but got to Florida as quick as she could, enjoying the fresh sea air and summer storms. She believes there is nothing more beautiful than an evening summer light show. 

She’s married to the love of her life whom she shares two beautiful daughters and four sweet fur babies. Their marriage is the perfect “North-meets-South” pairing. 

When she’s not writing, Ava can be found chasing her children all over the county, snapping photos of any and everything, visiting one of her local theme parks, or just spending quality time with her family.

Author Links:

Wondering Questions to Consider

After reading a story like this, we have to ask ourselves what we are missing in those close to us. What are they trying to hide so we do not see their brokenness?  Or what truth do we know, but refuse to speak of for fear of the fallout?  How much responsibility do we have to those around us?


Forgetting Yesterday by Ava Wood  a Book Review on Reading List

“Somehow, without really knowing me, he knew me. He understood this was what I needed.” @btfl7 @reading_list1

Are you a fan of YA romance stories? Do you avoid books that tell stories that are very close to reality because of triggers? Or are you drawn to them?

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